Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Baby has refused to properly nap the last couple days, so no writing was done.

BUT...there is some good news. Two weekss ago we started the Princess on these digestive enzymes, Peptizyde and Zyme Prime. The theory is that some autistic behaviors (which she has, but she's never been diagnosed with anything) are caused by problems with digesting certain foods, namely gluten (from wheat) and casein (from dairy). The lack of proper digestion of those foods means the pollute the bloodstream, which creates an opiate effect in the brain while at the same time starving it of essential nutrients. I read about this and decided to give them a try.

While I won't say the improvements have been dazzling, there have definitely been improvements. She seems to understand concepts better, and is more attentive. There's been a definite improvement in her behavior towards the Faery-she likes to play with her now and is much nicer. She's also not so fussy and bratty, and she doesn't complain that her tummy hurts anymore.

So yay!

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