Tuesday, December 13, 2005

So why am I wasting time here?

When I should be working?

I'm actually about 2500 words into my new book. Yippee! And it's going pretty well. I know it will need some work when it's time to edit but on the whole I'm quite pleased-it's coming out nicely, not so dialogue-heavy, and I'm establishing all my stuff early on so nobody will be confused later.

So why am I playing online instead of working?

Because we got a new computer today, so I am indulging myself in online fun.

And here's a question, in case somebody stumbles across this and feels like answering: When a man finds a wounded woman, takes her home, and undresses her to get her in the tub to warm her up, is he an unredeemable cad for noticing she has nice tits? Does it help that he's ashamed of himself for noticing?

Sheesh, the kinds of questions that come up when you enter the fun and exciting world of erotic romance...

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