Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Yes, another One

So, for those who are keeping count, this is blog #3. Not sure how much I will use it or how often or why. I would say it's for writing but I use my dj for that. I could switch my dj to something else and use this for writing, since Whiskey Creek has set up its new Torrid Temptations blog here so I created an account. I might keep all the writing blogging here from now on.

So...just moved to England from Florida. Settling in. Two daughters, the littlest of whom turns one on Thursday the 8th. Can't get my head around that, and as of that day I will have officially breastfed her for one year. Really can't get my head around that!

Trying to find time to write. Getting my next projects set in my head. Elves, witches, vampires, medieval studs...sigh...love them all.

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