Saturday, January 14, 2006

Yes indeedy...

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So the Princess's bedframe and our two bedside tables were finally delivered today (and it only took 10 weeks).

The woman who delivered them was very nice, but a bit...butch. Susan Powter haircut, lots of piercings in her face. Not that I care, just an observation.

She asked Princess her name and Princess told her. Then she says, "Bet you can't guess my name!" And Princess just stared at her, because Princess is 4. Hell, I would just stare too, because I hate that "guess" shit. Guess your name? I don't know. Sappho?

Anyway. She pulls up one sleeve of her sweatshirt and shows Princess her tattoos. One of which is a large Scooby-Doo. Then she pulls up the other sleeve. More tats, two Scooby-Doos. Then she says:

"And that's my name! Scooby Doo! I had it legally changed!"

Thankfully, the other delivery person in the truck chose this moment to come in with a box, sparing me the necessity of a reply.

She told me before leaving that she "just really likes dogs."

So Scooby Doo works for Argos, and delivered furniture to me today. But not, as you would righfully assume, in the Mystery Machine.

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