Saturday, March 18, 2006

Almost time for the End!

I seriously am writing the last scene of the elves, and I cannot finish it. Every time I pull up the Word doc, one or the other of my children decides that's the time to hop in my lap or ask for lemonade or tell me they're thirsty or poo or whatever else they can come up with. I can sit and play online for half an hour without them noticing-the minute that ms comes up they neeed me.

Had another thought the other day. I've read a few things lately about blogs, and how to make your blog popular, and stuff like that.

They all seem to be in agreement that your blog needs a "theme". Like, it should be about something, other than just your stupid rantings and thoughts about life in general.

Would that be more interesting? Would it be better to hear my stupid thoughts about one particular subject and its many facets, or to hear my stupid thoughts about all sorts of different subjects, including what has been referred to as "boring stuff about kids"?

Or are my stupid thoughts just boring all of the time, anyway?

So if you're reading this, let me know. I'll update more often if I know people like checking in here.

And tomorrow is Jenna Howard's birthday-she's having a "bog party" and I've donated a copy of Torrid Teasers Volume 1 as a prize, along with a lot of oher writers who've donated their work. So stop in and say hi tomorrow to enter for one! It's here.


Quillhill said...

Yes, I like to visit you. And I do prefer blogs that are about something, that have a focus other than, "I've haad a hard day."

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Children and Writing.

Child + Parent on Word Processor = "Whatcha doin' mom? Can I have the computer? Will you play a game with me? I'm hungry. I'm bored. OH, look, mom! The neighbor’s house is on fire. (Just kidding) Will you take me to the store? Do I look fat? Mom, she's in my stuff again! Make her stop! If we're going to town, can we stop at the dollar store? Will you make cupcakes? Mom, I have to make a rock collection for science."

Isn't it amazing that we can even sit in front of a computer?

Here I am thinking through my "pixie princess gets sliver in the butt while watching her secret hottie-human love interest and prematurely reveals self and we have an erotic moment" story, and my kid wants to know if I'll clean up the bathroom floor after her sister trashed it with wet towels and dirty clothes.

Sheesh! Kids.

Go tell her to pick up her own mess!

She won't listen to me, mom.

Tell her I said.

[Yelling up the stairs] Mom said, Elizabeth! Mom said!

[From me a deep sigh] Now, does she stay invisible? Does he touch her? What exactly happens next? Elizabeth! If I have to come upstairs, you’ll still have to clean the bathroom AND you’ll lose every privilege I can think of! Humm, I think she remains ….

Mom! She stuck her tongue out at me! Make her stop!

Is she picking up her mess?


Well, stick your toungue out at her. It’ll make you happy. Now, let me write. Oh, and Clean UP YOUR mess too!


Oh, shush!

Kuyperama said...

Perhaps I'm biased, since I write whatever comes to mind just to keep myself writing as regularly as possible; but I do prefer the 'all-encompassing' theme... I like to know more about about a person than their thoughts on just one thing.