Saturday, March 11, 2006

Blah blah bleah

I'm not updating anywhere because I'm sick. I have a cold and a cough I can't shake- a dry cough that the Brits call "catarrh" which I like because it's such a nice old word.

Slept and watched "Millenium" all day. Kids driving me nuts. Almost done with elves. You know what's funny? I write romance, but I really think the straight on "love" moments are not my best thing. When the characters get all lovey-dovey at the end, and admit their feelings. I mean, I can do it, and it's fine, but I admit it's the hardest part for me to write. It's usually the part I agonize over nad edit the most, it just doesn't ever flow for me the way other parts do.

Hmm. Maybe because-and I hate to admit this because I fear it will turn people off my work-I'm really not that romantic a girl. Most of that stuff makes me a little queasy. It's good in small doses, you know, but that's it.

But then, I identify strongly with the woman the Supersuckers wrote the song "She's My Bitch" about. So there you go.


Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

I'm so sorry you're sick. Here, this will cheer you up:

click on "Wales" and enjoy.

Sam said...

I hope you get well soon. I was sick last week. Ugh.
I usually overdose myself on lemon tea, aspirin, and mucomyst - (this medicine that 'fluidifies' everything. Love that stuff.)

I LOVE the Penman books (all about Wales and such) - had all of them - lent them out - never got them back. Grrr.

December Quinn said...

Thanks, Sha'el! I promised myself a good long browse tomorrow. What a cool site!

Sam, are you a Ricardian now, too? Did you know that the first draft of Sunne in Splendour was stolen from her car? It took her years to rewrite. Also, do you read her mysteries? I am obsessively in love with Justin de Quincy.

I usually OD on echinacea and vitamin C. I will try mucomist.

Thanks for stopping by, and for checking out the crapometer, too! Lovely to see you there!

Sam said...

What's Ricardian?
A Richard the third fan? I think 'he dunnit' to be honest. LOL

Hope you feel better! Will get around linking you to my blog!

December Quinn said...

I think 'he dunnit' to be honest. LOL