Sunday, April 09, 2006

Away from home

I'll be gone for a few days-until Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on how insane my MIL drives us while we're there. We're on up to Hertfordshire to spend a couple of days with her, so she can watch the kiddies and we can do something that does not involve Cheerios, cartoon characters or jungle gyms. We thought about going to London but probably won't because my Mom will be here in about three weeks and we'll be going with her anyway.

So. Off we go, so if I'm not commenting anywhere or updating here you know why.

Oh, and keep your fingers crossed for me. I now have three projects out there (two fulls!) under the noses of editors. Let's hope for good news!


Bernita said...

May you come back to notes from slavering editors.
Enjoy your break!

Sam said...

Fingers are all crossed!!!!

Darn it's hard to type!!!!