Thursday, April 27, 2006


Two pics of Knebworth House. The first is the front, better known as Wayne Manor from the first Batman movie. The second is the back of the house.

And I hope I don't look too bad in the pic. I really do photograph terribly. Which is why I almost never post pics of myself, or like them to be taken. (And btw...yes, in the far left of the top photo those are my girls. Faery is invisible in the stroller but you can just make out Princess.)

Still sniffly but recovering. Having written the first draft of a synopsis for the vamps, I have of course had the ego crash, and now think it's the worst, most boring pile of trite garbage I've ever read.



Bernita said...

Looks like some wonderful glass in that building.

Faltenin said...

Dod you get to visit the Batcave too?

December Quinn said...

Sadly, no. One day, though...:-)

Jenna Howard said...


Did you see Batman?

See how I spelt that Fal? D-i-d. smooches, sweetie! (as she pauses to make sure she did spell Did right. I did.)