Monday, April 17, 2006

Really Back Now

Ah. We had guests all weekend, so I haven't been updating or commenting much. But now I have returned.

Don't actually have much to say, but at least I am here. The vamps are over 57k and I'm just getting ready to write the final scenes. Then some editing, and another project is complete. Always a good feeling. I confess I'll be very sad to see the end of this one. I do love my vampire hero. He's so cool, and these two are a blast to write.

And slowly but surely my next project is taking shape in my head...very exciting!

When we were at my MIL's we went to Knebworth House. My first touristy thing since we've moved here (of course I've done touristy things on visits.) It was okay. The day we were there was cold and rainy, of course, sandwiched between beautiful sunny almost warm days. We got some decent photos, which I'll post if I have a chance, and took some short movies of hubby chasing me through the hedge maze, Shining-style. Which are pretty funny.

And that's my update for now.

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Bernita said...

Me want pichures.