Monday, May 22, 2006

Screw You, Remasterer-Man

So in an effort to finally somewhat complete my music collection (okay, here's the story. My ex boyfriend had every album I would ever want, and a whle bunch I didn't, and so I recorded everything on tapes and didn't need to buy the albums. So after we split and he moved out and I got married I just never got around to buying the stuff. So slowly over the years I've been picking stuff up. And a lot of it is totally basic stuff but that's why I don't have it anymore) I've been rebuying the first few Ramones albums.

WHAT is up with this?

They aren't available anymore. At least, not the Ramones albums I know and love. They're all "digitally remastered". And there's extra stuff added to them.

I don't WANT digitally remastered. I don't want live versions. I don't want songs I have on other albums. I certainly don't need more than one version of songs like "I Wanna be Sedated", which IMO is one of the weakest Ramones songs, in spite of its popularity (or maybe it's popular because of it. I've always had my suspicions about people whose favorite Ramones songs are "I Wanna be Sedated", "Gimme Shock Treatment" or, especially, "Sheena is a Punk Rocker". I mistrust them instinctively. I see people in Ramones shirts--people who don't look like real fans--and have to suppress the rabid urge to make them recite the Rules to me, and if they can't, I want to rip the shirt off their bodies.) (Who can tell me the Third Rule, btw? Any Ramones fans out there?) (And for the record, mine are "53rd and 3rd", "Rockaway Beach", and the third one varies. Right now it's "Glad to See You Go". Anyway.)

Point is, stop screwing with what was perfect! Who are you, Remasterer Man? You're as bad as George Lucas!

Digitally remastered, my ass. Sometimes that's okay. "The Lost '77 Mixes" of Johnny Thunders's "LAMF" is much better than the other versions. It's not technically a remaster, I guess, but it's a different mix. And I know remasters generally sound cleaner and stuff, because it isn't actually music you're hearing, it's digital coding that sounds just like music. But why change things around? Clean up? If you must. But quit adding shit and taking stuff away and messing about, or at least follow George Lucas's example (took him LONG enough, but bless him he's come around) and let us choose between the REAL ones and the new.

How about you? What do you think about remasters, new versions, etc.?


Sam said...

I've been trying to get my hands on a 4 way Street album. Not remastered. Just normal. LOL. I haven't tried very hard because I hate getting frustrated.
I have a pile of old records and no record player.

Kate Lang said...

Not a Ramones fan, D. Sorry! But I feel for you. I don't know why "they" need to mess with stuff. Just put it on the original stuff on the disc, man.

But you know...New and Improved...seems to drive things.

I don't get it.

Good luck with your search. ;)

Homo Escapeons said...

Now I wanna sniff some glue!

Texas chain saw massacreee, took my baby away from me.

My word, they just don't write 'em like that anymore. I use to play New York Dolls in tandem with the Ramones.

Here in the Colonies you can still download anything au gratis but these frickin knucklehead kids tag everything incorrectly.

Good Luck with your search.

I still have all of my vinyl in the basement next to the boxes of cassettes and a shoebox of 8-tracks..Yikes.

December Quinn said...

Thanks, homo! (I assume it's correct to call you "homo".)

Yes, sadly, even the UK iTunes is sucky. There's all kinds of stuff I'd love to have that I simply cannot find.

*sob* Will I ever hear Cringer again?

December Quinn said...

I feel your pain, Sam. I have a pile of records and no player, too.

Maybe one of us will find one, and we'll get together, have cocktails, and listen to records.

Kate, it's the curse of the modern age.