Friday, June 09, 2006

Fun with Nonpaying Publishers

Looks like we have a new publisher to avoid. Ocean's Mist Press has apparently kept one of its authors-one that we know about, anyway-waiting over a month for her royalties, which by contract she should have received weeks ago.

Jade James tells the story of her wait in her blog. Niiice. Nice that an author finally has to ask on her author loop when she's going to get paid. Nice that her publisher keeps sending her double-speak and acting like it's her fault.

This is why websites like Absolute Write(back after the crisis-!) and Preditors & Editors are so important. So that we know when stuff like this is happening, and we can warn others about it.

(Which is another way of saying you can make a donation to Absolute Write, if you wanted to. Personally, Jade, if I were you, I'd take those books you were going to ffer as free downloads to Lulu, make them downloadable for a buck, and donate the proceeds to P&E or AW, just to spite them. :-) But then I'm fairly vindictive.)

I'd love to hear any updates on this, if anyone knows anyone else who's being cheated. Jade says P&E has been notified, so that's good.


Bernita said...

Be interesting when Preds and Eds put out their 20 Worst Publishers list.

S. W. Vaughn said...

In case it hasn't been said enough times, and in case any newbies are visiting you here:


There. Now you know. :-)