Thursday, August 03, 2006

Famine to Feast--for the moment--and a little end note

If the length of the title doesn't clue you in, I have words, words, words all over the place. ("Because I was afraid of worms, Roxanne! Worms!")

Ever have one of those days where it seems like you get a million story ideas, each one better than the last, so good you're tempted to abandon your current WIP and the work you planned to start next and start on the new idea?

I've had two days like this now. Last night I couldn't get to sleep I was so excited. Now I am literally bussing like a cokehead over a different idea. (Also maybe caffeine is involved.) Seriously. I was reading something and a random sentence jumped out at me and a whole book fell into my head.

It's great. It's also really, really bad and dangerous. You know why?

Reread that second paragraph. See the part where it says, "you're tempted to abandon your current WIP and the work you planned to start next..."? Get it now?

I would be more excited about this burst of creativity, but part of me is convinced it's that nasty little sneak, the Subconscious Fear of Failure, working in combination with Old Lazy. If I never finish another book, I'll never sell another book, but I can keep writing newer and better ideas! The next one will surely be the one I finish, right? Of course! Why wouldn't I finish a book with such fantastic potential, the book sure to rocket me to the top of the NYT bestseller list?

I'll tell you why. Because halfway through that-once I'm through my clever opening and the story is really getting going, I'll get a little bored because that first burst of excitement will fade, and I'll decide it all sucks, and instead of working through it so I can get to the point where I know it doesn't suck again, I'll start something else! Something better! Something...shiny.

Plus...there's The Shield on DVD to watch. I'm a much better writer after I've watched Vic Mackey kick some ass for a couple of hours, right? Or after a little snack. Or maybe a movie. Then a cigarette. Then they might show a good rerun of Frasier or something. And next thing you know...thassright. I've writte 200 words and wasted my whole evening.

So while part of me is way, way excited about this new story, I'm not going to hurry up and start writing it (except for as much of the plot I can get, written in longhand--which is how I always do my synopses before starting work) until it's had some time to sit in my head and I can be sure it isn't just my Sneaky Sub trying to distract me, magpie-like, with Shiny New Story Ideas.

Some Random Notes:

So excited! I almost hit 30 comments on my last post (and I haven't forgotten about Part 2, or the Kick Ass Heroines, or any of the other stuff. It's all written down where I won't lose it, I promise, and besides, that shit's in my head all the damn time anyway.) I know it's actually more like 27 because I had that lame-ass spammer show up, but still. It's more than I've ever had. Simple minds, simple pleasures, you know. That was a very cool simple pleasure for me.

And on that note, sometime in the next few days I plan to update my links (adding, not removing). SO if you want to link to me and would like me to link to you, let me know. It might be good to keep in mind that I do read the blogs I link to every day, and that generally they are the only blogs I read. I go through them one by one (although, as I say on the sidebar, in no particular order). If you're not there, I probably won't check yours, just because I either have to dig through comments every time or I have to bookmark you and I always forget to bookmark. So either comment or shoot me an email.


Southern Writer said...

I read several books at once sometimes, and I know people who write several at once, so why can't you? Write what inspires you, and it's sure to be a winner.

S. W. Vaughn said...

Oooh, congrats on the flood of comments!!

(I am halfway through the Dragon and LOVING it, btw...)

I've been sitting on a shiny story idea for a few weeks now while I finished up my WIP. I know what you mean about the muddle in the middle, too. It's frustrating as hell.

(Hey, Southern - where'd ya go??)

December Quinn said...

Thanks southern--problem is, I'm already in the middle of four projects. I just can't see adding another one and still being at all productive. (Plus I've already agreed to have a fourth ready by mid-September.)

Aaaaahhhhhh!!! :-)

December Quinn said...

Thanks, SW! I'm so excited. I feel like a real blogger.

Glad you're enjoying! Hurry up and finish so you can massage my ego! ;-)

The muddle in the middle is such a great way to refer to it. Like the rumble in the jungle or the vessel with the pestle, only not cool, exciting, or funny.

Anonymous said...

I think you have the right idea. Just write down what you have in your head, just past the exciting part (or however you put it) and then press on with your WIP(s). When you come back to the new idea (6 months, year?) It will either sparkle or you will ask yourself what the heck you were thinking. I'm no expert, mind ya'. I'm just sayin' what I would probably do. -JTC

Bernita said...

Agree with JTC.
It IS like having worms,init?... but stop scratching!

Isabella Snow said...

Oi, I can relate to that whole "I'll write better after I do this and this and this first."

No.. I write better after I find something inspiring. An idea, a book, etc, etc. Have wasted plenty of evenings that way, sadly.

I can't write two at a time. Hell, you're talking to someone who can't write 5 sentences until all names are decided on.

Names are a big deal to me though. I can't read a hero or heroine with a stupid name.

Hmm.. I'm going to go blog about that. Thanks for inspiration, December! You're good, girl! ;/

Jenn on the Island said...

I call it multi-tasking

I have 3 WIPS and one complete short that I'm editing the hell out of right now.

It's the curse of the creative to see story ideas on the back of cereal boxes. (Creative, not insane)

Congrats on all the comments. I'll link to you if you link to me! then we can both be real bloggers!


December Quinn said...

Yeah, that's what I'm trying to do, JTC...write it down and get back to work. I'm halfway through my one WIP and I'd love to buckle down and have it done by mid-August so I can start something else.

I just wish I could put it nicely out of my head. :-)

December Quinn said...

I can't stop, Bernita! Must...scratch...speaking of which, did I mention how my neighbors brought their son who is infectious with chicken pox to our house? And our little one hasn't been vaccinated cuz they don't do that here?

She didn't even ask or say anything before she brought him over. I still want to hit her.

December Quinn said...

Names are a big deal to me, too, Isabella...can't wait to read your post about it!

December Quinn said...

That's exactly right, Jenn. Ideas are everywhere...and people act like they're hard to find. It's not hard to get an idea, it's hard to develop it and make it a good story. I have good ideas all the time, but that doesn't mean they're good enough to make a whole book out of or that I as a writer can do them justice, you know?

Yay! You're sticking around! I love it when people do that!