Friday, August 11, 2006

Give me a Birthday Present

Okay, I wasn't going to say anything, but today is my birthday. And so you know what you should do?


If you've been reading here and not commenting, or if you've commented once or twice but not often, or whatever, comment now. Tell me something about yourself. How you found me. Things you like or don't like. Your favorite food. Whatever you want to say.

(This doesn't excuse anyone from commenting about my post below, btw. It's an additional duty you must perform because today is my birthday, and as we get older those days get considerably less special, don't they?)


S. W. Vaughn said...



(that's confetti)

I'm not de-lurking; I'm conti-lurking. Or re-un-lurking. Anyway, one does not lurk when one cannot stop typing!

Hope you have a happy blast of a day!

barista brat said...

happy birthday!

i originally came upon your blog when i first started reading miss snark's blog.

and to prove how small the blogosphere really is...
i often visit photo blogs and i commented on one, which in turn the photographer commented on mine and when i looked at her other blog - there was a link to you!

something about myself?

hmm... i write YA and i'm currently looking for an agent - how many times have you heard that before? haha.

Jenn on the Island said...

Happy Barfday!!

Try not to.

How did I find you....Well, you posted on the HRC message board. I'm the moderator and I snoop when new members post. So I checked out your site, read your deadjournal, and found this blog.

About me...I wear red sneakers. I love that I can stand naked on my deck and no one can see me.

Bernita said...

Not a lurker.
If you want to know anything about me, you have to ask....hmmm...didn't think so.
Happy Birthday!...child.

Southern Writer said...

Happy Birthday, December, who I always kind of thought was born in December. Hope it's been a great day for you and that you'll be doing something really fun to celebrate.

I am not a lurker. Lurking would require having the time to lurk.

About me? Oh, I've got one you'll love, but it's too private to share. Something else ... I like wandering around in cemeteries and reading the headstones.

Isabella Snow said...

Oh, I was out with Mr. Big and didn't see this until now! Happy B-day!!

And I'm with SW.. kind of assumed you were born in the winter, girlie. ;)

Bernita said...

Oh, and I found you from the other crapometer - and so glad I did.

Robyn said...

A day late, but Happy Birthday! I hope it was a good, fun day for you and your family.

Sam said...

Hoppy Biffday! Hippy Bathday!
Happy Birthday!
(whew - got it right!)

cyn said...

happy birthday to you !!!

i just started reading
your blog and am enjoying
it much.

cyn said...

oops. let's see, i found
you through swv, i think!
i love pumpkin scones
and muffins and pies.
i don't like sleep deprivation!
my favorite food is chinese.
my husband is an essex boy
and we are traveling back
to england for crimbo with two
little ones. whew! =)

Erik Ivan James said...

Hmmm...I'm late, I see. Well, Happy Birthday belated.

I followed you from Bernita's. Glad that I did. I enjoy and respect the honesty of your posts.

I was born in December. Um, a long time ago.

Sherrill Quinn said...

I'm really late with this, but happy birthday, hon! :)

Hope you had a good day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday -late I know.

I lurk because I have nothing else to do at work!

I also spend time on Miss Snark and Evil Editor's blogs. I often check out the profiles of folks that make good, common sense entries and that is how I found your blog -which I like a lot.

I won't bore you with details about me. -JTC

Anonymous said...

Oh, I almost forgot. jenn, can you give me your GPS coordinates? It's not like I have a pilots license or anything. -JTC

December Quinn said...

Thanks everyone! And thanks for posting the little bits about yourselves, too!

Whose blog was it, barista brat? Oh, I hear you on looking for an agent! :-)

Thanks, Cyn! What is it about those Brits, anyway? So you'll be in Essex come the holidays?

December what, Erik? Spill it!

I'm so happy to have people here to wish me a happy b-day--and it was, a really nice day, so thanks all of you!

cyn said...

december, i assumed you were british, too! i will be in southend for crimbo. the in laws
moved closer to the water recently. as for the essex boy, i met him online! in 1994!

Beth said...

Well, a bit late with this, but...

Happy Birthday!!!!

And you found me first. Though I'd already noticed you on Miss Snark and Evil Editor.

I write fantasy, dabble in digital photography, have a wonderful husband, and three teenagers. That seems to take up most of my life right there.

I've had one story published in an anthology (it was also on the Nebula preliminary ballot for 2005, and what a shock that was), but at the moment am mostly working on finishing this big epic thingey.

Favorite guilty comfort foods--popcorn (homemade, not that nasty microwave stuff) and really dark rich chocolate anything.

And I think that as we get older, birthdays become more special, because, after all, consider the alternative. [g]

Erik Ivan James said...

[chuckling] December 18.

barista brat said...

hi again.

it was samantha winston's photo blog.

December Quinn said...

Beth, my Dad used to make popcorn on the stove every Sunday before football (or NASCAR) came on. I wish could do it the way he did, it was so good, so light.

I never thought about birthday being more important as we get older, but I guess you're right. :-)

Ah-ha! I'll remember that, Erik.

Aaaah...right, Barista Brat.

So glad you all are here!