Monday, September 11, 2006

Bits & Bobs

I know my last few posts seem to have been just a collection of links and whines, but I swear after this one I'll be back on track. I haven't been replying to many people's posts, either. Sorry. My time has been disappearing in chunks that are not justified by the meager amounts of work I've managed to get done. My WIP only just crossed 30k and it's been like three and a half weeks since I started it. At least. Sad.

The third installment of my free Indulge story, Private Secretary, is up on the blog. It's here. This is a SEX-FREE excerpt, no need to worry about reading at work! I hope you enjoy it, and thanks to everyone who's commented on it so far.

I'm trying to write a good bio for EC. I have no idea what to say. I hate bios. I always feel like I'm being either too self-inportant or too flippant. Plus I've already used my best lines in bios elsewhere, so I'm fresh out of quirk for this.



M.E Ellis said...

Urgh! Bios are worse than cover blurbs. Absolutely hate them! Good luck!


Bernita said...

There shouldn't be a problem in repeating your best bio lines, should there?

Jenn on the Island said...

I alays thought it would be fun to make up a bio...

Seeley deBorn (that's my pen name) has a Ph.D. in Parapsychology, previously worked as an architect, a foreign amabassador, and an nude model. She lives in a medieval style castle with her harem of men, and not a single cat. Now a full time writer, Seeley plans one day to sail around the world, again.

OK, so the last one is true, but you get the idea....

December Quinn said...

Thanks, guys! I'll need the luck, M.E. It's worse than when people at a job interview say, "Tell me about yourself"--because this is having several hundred/thousand people say, "Tell me abut yourself." BLEH.

No, I could probably repeat them, Bernita, but I've already repeated them a few times. I think anyone who googles me can find out I still believe in dragons and the divine right of kings at this point, so I'll have to think about what other crazy things I believe in.

That's a good one, Jenn! I like the name too.

Annie Dean said...

This is my bio and I use it pretty much everywhere.

In her life, Annie has been a clown, a clerk, a savior of stray kittens, a voice actress, and the mistress of a Lebanese nobleman, not necessarily in that order. She grew up in a yellow house across from a cornfield, but now she lives in sunny Mexico with her husband and two adorable children who sometimes do as they are told.

I'd just pick out the oddest and most entertaining facts about your life, something that makes you sound colorful and interesting, like you would have a lot of experience to draw upon for your writing.