Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The video for Wierd Al's "White and Nerdy".

Okay, guys? This is freaking funny. It's his best since "Amish Paradise", which was his best since "Eat It". In fact, I think it may actually be his best EVER.

My husband is a big Wierd Al fan. I'm not so much, but the above is genius. Pure genius, especially if you relate to any of it. Which I do. And I'll bet most of you guys do too. Just a guess. :-)

Also, that's Seth Green slapping his cute little ass in front of the action figures, and Donny Osmond dancing like a loon. I really like Donny Osmond. I'm not what you'd call a fan of Donny Osmond--I think my list of favorite bands tells you he's not my thing, musically--but the guy is always willing to make a fool of himself, laugh at himself and his image, which is rare, and always seems like a genuinely nice person too. So I like the Donster. Plus, of course, he's part of my childhood. Didn't we all watch Donny and Marie? And weren't most of us so young we totally missed the "brother and sister" thing and thought they were married?

Apparently the video's at number one on the VH1 request show thing. I wouldn't know, because we don't get cool VH1 over here. We missed "I Love the 80s Strikes Back" last year and haven't seen any of those specials since--they don't air them here. I miss them so!

I believe final edits for TBD are complete...I sexed up the sex scenes, I think pretty strongly. They're still not super-explicit, because it isn't erotic romance so the language must be tempered, which is really a shame because the loss of high-impact words takes a bite, it really does. I used "erection" a couple of times but that's as far as it went. However, I think they pack a pretty heavy emotional punch.

Can't wait to hear your opinions!

Oh, also...

Ihave thee (count 'em, three) releases to promote in December and January. I'm doing a contest in both months, but I'm not sure what to give as prizes, so any suggestions are welcome. Help a lady out, eh?


Annie Dean said...

I love that song. Heard it for the first time, believe it or not, at an upscale eatery, Modern Art Cafe at Mundo E. They were running the video on some hits show. Since I don't listen to rap the odds were against me recognizing the Chamillionaire song Ridin' (Dirty) that it parodies, but I'd actually heard it somewhere before. I had no idea Al could rap like that.

December Quinn said...

Yeah, I'm not super familiar with the original, but Al's rapping skills impressed me too. And I'm not a particular fan of rap.

I love that the "night shots" are in front of a red Pac-Man outline.

It's just genius, pure and simple.

S. W. Vaughn said...

Funny -- my husband is also a huge Weird Al fan, and I like him too (not as much as hubs, though!).

He insisted that I watch this video. I'm still laughing! My son despises this song -- I think because he actually likes Ridin' (Dirty), and the boy has forbidden his parents to ever say "White and Nerdy" where he can hear us. :-)

I loved Amish Paradise too. Have you ever heard any of WA's original songs? "One More Minute" is pretty damned brilliant too!

(Contest ideas? Ummmm... I'm terribly un-creative when it comes to contests. I just give away copies of books!)

Annie Dean said...

Oh, right. Contests.

Godiva chocolate is always a big win. I've also known authors to go with something that's meaningful in the book. Like a jeweled pin (probably a costume version) if the hero gives the heroine one, something along those lines.

Anonymous said...

The best gift you can give is always liquor IMHO. My wife bought me a Zen Vision M for my b-day (very expensive) and my daughter bought me a bottle of Southern Confort -I enjoy the Comfort best. -JTC

December Quinn said...

I've heard a few, SW, I'm forced to listen to his CDs in the car pretty often. (Like I said, I do like him, but not over and over and over!) I'm not sure I know which one you're talking about by the title, but if I heard it I would.

Oooh, that's a good idea, Annie! I could give away a dragon pendant! I think I'll actually do more han one prize, like a first and second prize, but I'll see how many people enter. :-)

I agree booze is always the perfect gift or prize, JTC, (it's always my favorite, too) but unfortunately I'd have to check IDs and stuff and it's a hassle. I'll keep it in mind if I ever send you something, though!

Robyn said...

I just saw this last night. I have been a huge Weird Al fan since his appearances on Dr. Demento. Oh, for the days of "I Love Rocky Road" and "Another One Rides the Bus." Donny Osmond gettin' his freak on absolutely slayed me. I loved him.

Jenn on the Island said...

Ack! I'm working at a speakerless computer today! I love Wired Al! I used to have his first album on vinyl, but it wandered off during a move...

I wouldnt' worry about not having dirty words in TBD. My CP writes steamy non-erotica very well. It's totally possible. I'm looking forward to yours!

As for promo prizes:
Callebaut chocolate kicks ass on Godiva!
And I know a woman who makes custom lip balms with your logo on it! Your name on everyone's lips.
Please don't give away book marks or magnets. I know they're cheap and easy to get, but they're cheap and everyone has them.

Erik Ivan James said...

Promo prize:

Maybe you'd write a special personal "short" just for the winner...one of a kind, one copy. Who knows? Someday that little piece may have high value...and, it would forever have a special sentimental value for the winner. Hmmm?

December Quinn said...

Aaaw, Robyn, I remember "I Love Rocky Road"! Good times, eh?

And yes, The Don was great, wasn't he? Every time he came on we started laughing.

Oooh, Jenn, custom lip balms. Yeah, I know about bookmarks and magnets, but it is so tempting. I'm thinking of doing a "first x number of people who read the book get a magnet" kind of thing, though, just as a gift not a prize. Still thinking on it, though.

That's a really good idea, Erik, but I am waaay too lazy. When I'm big and famous, though, I will use that. :-)

Isabella Snow said...

LOL that was funny!!!

I missed Seth Green though.. *sniff*

Where was he?

I love him, I really think he's quite cute. I have a soft spot for ginger blokes.. I really do!!