Monday, October 02, 2006

Kids are Great!

So my MIL is in town, she arrived Saturday morning. I was in the kitchen when she got off the bus, making beakfast for the Faery who was in her highcair. Hubs was, apparently, on the laptop in the living room.

Hubs runs out with his umbrella to greet MIL (it was raining). I brought Faery's breakfast to her, and was greeted (of course) with "No! NONONO!" So I made a fce and took the plate back in the kitchen to eat myself, because I like buttered scones.

Hubby and MIL come in the house, and straight into the kitchen. We drink coffee. We chat. Faery wanders in and out. Princess wanders in and out.

Hubs and MIL are going to take the kids into town so I can work, because I haven't gotten much done in the last week or so and I'm just about to hit the pre-climax buildup scenes in what I think is the best, tightest work I've ever done. So I go upstairs to get clothes for the kiddies and the following words float up after me:

HUBS: What? Why is this...wet?...Oh my god...oh no...

MIL: What's wrong?

HUBS: I think Faery poured her...oh no, it won't turn on...her juice all over the laptop...

She sure did!

She poured half a cup of juice--sticky, sugary juice--into our nine-month old laptop. Fried it. It's gone. They couldn't restore the hard drive.


We have the superspiffy protection/maintenence plan, so tomorrow it's going to the superspiffy repair place, where if they can't fix it they will replace it. Meanwhile we've bought a desktop.

Thanks to every holy being, last week I sent my best friend in FL everything I had one my one major WIP, and Friday morning my beloved CP agreed to look at all 40k words of my BIG project (the aforementioned best-ever-writing). So I'd sent that off. So both my major things were backed up.

But what I lost...story ideas synopses deleted scenes 3-5k beginnings of new projects. New edits and additons to some things I backed up ages ago and never re-backed.

All of our digital camera photos of the girls in England--or most of them, anyway, some we'd emailed to people.

All my icons and cookies.

All of our iTunes songs.

Half of my ebooks.

It was not a good weekend.


Bernita said...

That's terrible!
Times that try mother's souls...
Do you ever get the feeling that these disasters happen only when you are not RIGHT THERE?

S. W. Vaughn said...


Thank goodness you were able to recover what you did. But damn, to lose all of that...

(I need to remember the super-spiffy warranty bit.)

Oh, man. That bites. Big-time.

Stacy Jacobs said...

Oh, no. Poor thing. It's five o'clock somewhere, how about a drink?

Anonymous said...

I'm no computer guru, but this is what my brother tells me. There are people who can recover stuff from fried hard drives (I don't now what that would cost) and just spilling juice can burn out a computer, alright, but the chances that it did anything to the hard drive are kind of slim. If there is anything you really want off of that hard drive, just have someone pull it out and plug it into another computer and you should be able to get everything off of it. I hope this helps. -JTC

December Quinn said...

Huh, absolutely, Bernita. The imps wait until we leave the room to tempt the children into mischief...

Yes, "bites big time" is pretty accurate, SW!

December Quinn said...

I'd absolutely love a drink, Stacy! Thanks!

JTC, ithe laptop is going to a recovery specialist tomorrow. The people at PC World couldn't get anything from the hard drive, but we're hoping the specialist can. Still sucks, though. They have 28 days to try, so we'll know at the end of the month.

Jenn on the Island said...

OMG! I think I just had a heart attack!

I'm sure the specialist will get most of it. My computer literally caught on fire and the guy at the shop managed to recover everything.

As soon as I get home I'm updating my removable drive!

Sam said...

Oh no!
LOL - Kids!!!
Good luck recovering data - usually if you didn't compress everything it's recoverable. (fingers crossed)

cyn said...


i'm glad you had the important
stuff, but to lose anything
at all. ack! and i never back
up, either.

Isabella Snow said...

I can empathize, considering I lost everything - and my biggest hard drive - about a month ago. Thankfully I was able to save my writings and a few phoots. Everything else was gone. Just, poof. Gone.

Hard drives can indeed be recovered, but it can cost a fortune. It possible only part of it could be retrieved, but I'd be very surprised if EVERYTHING was gone.

Good luck!!

Robyn said...

I thank God for my account at gmail. I send everything there since the space is so big- it can handle all wips, notes, etc. I hope hubs and MIL brought you back a big shot of something soothing.

December Quinn said...

Thanks, Sam. Therecovery people have it now, we'll know by the end of the month...(bites nails)

Good for you, Jenn. I just discovered that for some reason I never backed up oneof my books. The first three chapters are out on submission...let's hope they recover it before I have to type everything back in from my hard copy.

December Quinn said...

You better start backing up, Cyn! Especially with two little ones of your own!

We paid for the superspiffy mantenance/insurance plan thingie, Isabella, so luckily they're paying for the recovery attempt, because yeah, otherwise it would be like £700.

December Quinn said...

I thought I backed everything up in gmail, too, Robyn, but I'm not as good as I thought...groan. Yes, we all had a few drinks!