Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bleh and Grrr

You know, I'm in a bad mood.

Actually, I've been in a bad mood, off and on, for a few weeks now.

Ever have those times where it just feels like you can't do anything right? Like everyone hates you? I hate that.

No, this isn't a whiny whine. I'm just venting and being grumpy.

The other night we had dinner with some lovely new friends. Great food, great company, great...wine. Too much wine. I spent all day Sunday barely able to move, and I really hate it when that happens. It isn't just feeling physically bad that bothers me, it's the mental bad. The "I am soooo irresponsible and a horrible person, what is the matter with me, how could I do that to myself" mental bad. And worse, even, is the suspicion that most normal proper adults don't ever drink too much and get hung over, or if they do, they just feel bad and maybe beat themsleves up for drinking too much, but don't spend the next week cursing themselves for being assholes and wondering why they can't be like everyone else. I suspect they just say, "Yeah, oops!" and sort of giggle and get on with it.

It seems, also, that I am constantly offending people these days without meaning to. I made a jokey comment on another blog a couple of days ago which apparently some people took personally, and I feel horrible about it, really really awful. It (the comment) wasn't really that bad, I guess, but I feel like a complete ass and like everyone is talking about me. I tried to clarify but have no idea if anyone read it.

Hubby's back at work. The days are long and dark and cold.

Is this just a fall malaise/Mercury retrograde thing?

Of course, all the spam I've been getting lately might be the answer. Apparently if I am "tired with weak penis" there's a pill out there just for me! Generally, if I'm tired, weak is the way I want the penis to be. Maybe that's just me, though.

Then there's the amazing, mile-long spam message I got on the blog yesterday, or the day before. I wasn't online much Sunday or yesterday so I don't know for sure which day it came in. But it was seriously the longest bit of nonsense I've ever seen. Why do I keep getting this anonymous spam? There's no freaky, fun links to check out. I get anonymous Bible verses, or that idiot who told me my back hurting was punishment for exposing myself to children or whatever the hell semi-literate shit they'd gotten in their pea-sized brains, or yesterday. Which was this enormous, nonsensical diatribe about vengeful gods and the US being a blight and Artificial Intelligence or some shit like that, written in a literary style so turgid it almost gave me cyctitis.

So there you go. I'm sure I'll be back to my happy little self tomorrow. The good news is, hubs and I have gotten back into watching The Dead Zone--we're only on Season 2--which is awesome. Such a good show, and we're having a really good time. We love the movie, too. "The ice...is gonna break!"


cyn said...

*hugs* the dark and cold doesn't help. i will sprinkle a little cali sunshine your way, december!

Anonymous said...

I hear the weather in GB has that effect on folks. Have a few more drinks (hair of the dog, ya' know) and cheer up. ;~) -JTC

Robyn said...


I'm so sorry. I've stated my admittedly conservative opinion on a few blogs and gotten fried, roasted, and toasted- and the other comments I read could allude to having crumpets with cows and nobody got their knickers in a twist. I've also been scolded on MY OWN BLOG for writing MY OWN OPINION. It sucks.

Well, I love you! Have a cyber-drink on me! You can even spill it on me!

kis said...

The weather where I live is much the same as coastal Great Britain. Rain and dark. You turn your lights off at 1:00 p.m, and turn them on again at 2:00.

Years ago, suffering horribly from seasonal affective disorder, I was forced to order a high intensity SADelite from a company in Montreal. Best $235 I ever spent. I went from being an amoeba four months out of the year, to actually having the energy to change my child's diapers and take a shower once a day. Amazing what twenty minutes under a light can do for your melatonin levels.

And you know you need to be ashamed when you have to wake your husband to drive the kids to school on a Tuesday morning because it's 8:45 a.m. and you're still drunk. Hungover is nothing. Hungover is how I woke up today. A little advil with your OJ, and you're back in business. And if you're drinking something like red wine that you know will give you a headache, be proactive. Take an advil with your first glass and another with a big glass of water before bed.

As for writing stuff on blogs, I don't have my own, but I've been bitch-slapped for voicing my opinions on topics such as Quebec separation and the idiocy (or genius, hehe heh) of George W. Bush, on other people's blogs. It's not so bad when people rag you out over it. It's when they start apologizing to the blogging public for your obviously boneheaded opinions that you need to be embarrassed.

I'm gonna tell you what I just told a friend today who's having a particularly tough time right now: Have a beer (the silicon in beer supposedly helps women put on bone mass--and not the penis variety, either). Take some b-vitamins; it might not make the rest of the world nicer, but it will make you better at putting up with assholes. And remember, no matter how deep you are in the doo, you could always be standing on your head.

Oh, and you're allowed to be grumpy. Fuck them if they can't take a joke.

Isabella Snow said...

Hmm. I was definitely having major Merc Retro problems a week or so ago. If yours boil down to that, at least you only have 2 days left!!

And whoa I hear you on the spam. I had a huuuuge, strangely coherent yet undefinable post on my blog a few days ago. Just too bizarre. No links, either, like yours.

Cheer up!!

(I know, it's hard with how little daylight there is right now.. is it me or is it 50% less than what we got in the US this time of year??)

sahil11 said...
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Bernita said...

It will pass.

Anonymous said...

...and then when you think about getting "the pill", there are the warnings about seeing your doctor immediately if your erection lasts longer than four hours.

Um...err...see your "doctor" immediately?

Oh yeah, hugs from me too, December.

Anonymous said...

kis and I (like Robyn, I'm pretty conservative) have voiced some pretty opposite opinions on other blogs before and developed a mutual respect (I hope). Heck, I'm pretty sure I would like her if we ever met. I think she's got it right with this post. Great advice. -JTC

S. W. Vaughn said...


It's far too easy for people to take blog comments the wrong way. You are not a horrible person! :-) Too many people jump to stupid conclusions, that's all.

Weird, that spam. I never get any interesting spam. I'm jealous!

And I didn't know there was a TV series for The Dead Zone. How cool!

Tempest Knight said...

Yeah, there was something definitely weird last week. I went through an horrible week in which I was either offending people or my boss was making me miserable.

I hope things get better, girl.

December Quinn said...

Thanks, Tempest. I think it's the Mercury retrograde, which thankfully ends tomorrow.