Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Is it Ethical?


My WIP crossed 91k this morning. I've just finished writing the climax and am starting on the whole aftermath wrap-up.

But. There's a section in the middle--about 5500 words--that needs to go and be replaced. I actually left a chapter unfinished because it was so not working.

So, when I write "The End"...I know it isn't really the end. Not just because there's editing to do, there always is. But because there is actually an unfinished section in the book. The end of the book might be done, but the book won't be done. Not even in a "Read my first draft" kind of a way.

So can I still say it's done?

Also. I'm thinking of sending my query to Mr. Evil. Partly for fun, partly to see what kind of response it gets, and partly as payback for all the queries I've had so much fun with.

But I'd love to sub to the COM as well. So what do I do? Is it ethical to sub to both? Doesn't that feel a little like overkill?

But then, I probably won't get picked for the COM either.

I thought I had another ethical question to ask everyone, but I don't remember now what it was.

The Black Dragon releases in a couple of days. I'm pretty excited. I'll be chatting at Fallen Angel Reviews all day Saturday, on the Yahoo loop.

And I guess that's it. I thought I had some interesting things to say. I guess I was wrong. Sigh. I'm so wrapped up in writing this last chapter or so, everything else is just gone from my wee head.

Tell me about something you consider unethical. Not in a stealing kind of way, but something you've seen that felt a little...wrong.


Robyn said...

I say it's finished if you've actually written the end of the story. If there's work to do, you can call it revision!

Anonymous said...

I think it is unethical to contribute a certain point of view or give a negative trait that is not documented to be correct to an historical figure. Or just to blatently slander a person. "The Last Temptation of Christ comes to mind.

I can't participate with your chat Saturday, but if you ever do a book signing in the U.S.'s largest city not associated with an interstate highway (honestly, it's in the Guiness Book of Records) I'll be there with bells on. -JTC

Bernita said...

Sorry I can't do chats, but December, am cheering you on.
Girl, you're good.
Don't see anything wrong with submitting to both.

kis said...

Submit to both. I've seen more than one query letter--and, I'm pretty sure, different drafts of the first pages of the same projects--on both, and no one crucified the authors.

And I think if you know you can rewrite that chapter fairly quickly, and it isn't one of those that would go into an initial partial, you're probably okay to say it's done. By the time the agent or editor responds with a request, you'll probably be in the clear. Christmas is coming, and everything supposedly slows down this time of year.

I've made several major alterations to early chapter of my fantasy WIP, and every time I do it gets better. In that sense, I could probably say it will never really be done.

But lately I'm thinking I should rework the whole thing. My stuff's always been a little racy, and I've made a real effort to tone down the sex to fit the standard fantasy genre--keeping in mind all the fourteen year old boys who read the stuff. But after having looked into the sub-genres available in erotic fiction--and read some excerpts from publishers like Xtasy books, Triskelion, etc--I'm thinking maybe I should just throw caution to the winds, inject some heat back into those scenes, and query the project as erotic fantasy. On the whole, the quality of writing in erotica these days seems pretty much on par with everything else--for me that's a big deal. If I make my mom blush, I want it to be because I'm shamelessly good, not because she's embarrassed.

I was wondering, how has erotica as a genre treated you, DQ? Do authors find it difficult to get out, once they're in? Or are you happy enough that you never want to break out into the "respectable" (society's opinion, not mine) genres? I've read enough of your writing, and your opinions, to respect you as a writer and a person, and your take on this would be much appreciated.

December Quinn said...

I've made the decision, Robyn, I'm calling it done. I think I can rewrite that section in a couple of days, anyway.

Oh, sheesh, JTC. You have to assign me a research project, huh? :-) I agree about historical slander. It's one of the reasons why I won't see "Titanic".

Thanks, Bernita. You make me feel all squashy.

December Quinn said...

Yeah, kis, I'm saying done. It won't be ready to start querying for a couple of weeks either way--I have quite a bit of editing to do, then I need to re-edit, then I'll edit again and start querying. But the first edit won't take me long--I printed a hard copy a while ago and all the corrections from that are made, so it's only the second half that needs a re-read for initial edits.

Hmmm. Actually, kis, if it's okay, I'd like to do a whole post on that tomorrow or the day after, is that alright?

And as far as your project. I'm all for the sex. I prefer to read books with sex scenes and feel cheated when books don't. And I love erotic fantasy. I couldn't say for certain on your project without knowing more about it, but really I tink it depends on how you feel. Do you think the book is missing something without the sex? Do you have places where the characters were anxious to get going but you closed the door? And really, is it a romance?

December Quinn said...

Oh, and I forgot to say thanks, kis. I was all excited over finishing the book, but now I really feel great!

I think you're awesome, I'm so glad you visit!

Anonymous said...

Well, you already know it's in Texas. That'll help. -JTC

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Have fun with your chat!

And maybe when you have time tell me what all those abbrevs are for. Cos I'm so friggin ignorant. COM??

December Quinn said...

You're not ignorant, Isabella, you're just not a Snarkling.

Miss Snark, Literary Agent (I've linked to her on my links list) does a Crap-o-Meter once or twice a year, where we can submit, say, a quick "hook" of our book, or a synopsis, or a query, or a first page--it depends on what she asks for at any given time--and she'll tell us if it's crap or not. She's doing another one on Dec. 15th--BUT if you're thinking of running over to submit, be very warned. The COM is harsh. We Snarklings are very honest when it comes to this stuff, and those of us who are used to it know that, but if you've not spent a lot of time with Miss S you might not expect it.

If you go back in the Snarkives, you can find entries from the last COM in August. Read them. Read the comments. Really think about whether or not you want to put yourself through that, especially since Miss S doesn't handle romance or erotic romance.

You don't "win" the COM. You don't get requests for a full or anything from Miss S's real identity. All it is, is a chance to have an agent (and a lot of clever Snarklings) say if they'd keep reading or not.

I'll find some links for you to the old COM.

(There's also a blog called the CrapOmeter, started by a Snarkling. It's very helpful as well, and it's here.