Saturday, December 02, 2006

Chatting at FAR

Come join me today at Fallen Angel Reviews Chatters Yahoo loop for a chat! I'll be there all day and I'm doing a contest too...

The prize for the contest was going to be a free download of The Black Dragon, and I know you were all expecting me to announce the release yesterday. However, apparently Triskleion is having some issues with their website or something, and so The Black Dragon is not listed as one of their new releases. In other words, it is not yet available, and I have no idea when it will be made available. I know they are working very hard to solve the problem.

So I am offering an Amazon gift card as a prize today instead.

And I will announce my Black Dragin-related contest here as soon as the book is available.

I bought my gown today for the hubby's Christmas party. It's very, very pretty. Dark gray satin, form-fitting with a flare at the knee--a mermaid skirt--and the bust is white tulle with silver and grey embroidery. So now I just need jewelry and shows! (Sorry, no corset--to have the matching skirt would take too long. Next year!)


Anonymous said...

Do we get to see a pic? And that is NOT from the Dirty Old Man side of me. -JTC

P.S. :~( No corset.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a picture a picture!!
It sounds just beautiful!

I can never pop in for chats (grumble grumble) - time difference too great. Oh well!

Bernita said...

Yes, show us the glamour!

cyn said...

the dress sounds lovely! i just bought one myself for the party this friday. it's okay. there wasn't much to choose from! congrats on finishing your book! i would consider it done assuming it is a rough draft and you are going in for an edit or two?? either which way, 90k+ words is fantastic!

December Quinn said...

Yes, of course I'll post pictures. As soon as I have it hemmed (it is of course too long, I'm getting that done end of the week.)

Don't worry about missing the chat, Sam. You didn't miss much. :-(

The book's really, officially done now, Cyn--I removed and rewrote that troublesome section. So done! Yay me!

Anonymous said...

ooh!! pictures!!! hurry up already! ;)