Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My Early New Year's Resolution

And I expect all of you to make it with me.


Here's my New Year's Resolution, and I'm making it a few days early so it doesn't get lost in all the other resolutions.

Every time I buy a book in 2007, I will buy a second book to go with it. Or rather, I will buy one extra book every time I go to the bookstore.

This "extra" book will be by an author I haven't read before. It may be a first book by a new author, or it may not. But the point is, whether the book was recommended to me or it just looked interesting, I'm not leaving the bookstore without at least one book by an author I haven't read before.

I'll try to focus on first books by new authors, but that isn't always possible here, because we tend not only to get books after their US release, but sometimes not at all, and stores here don't seem to carry back catalogs as much as they do in the states.

Anyway. I want all of you to do this with me. And spread it around. Those of us who are writers know how important it is to support new writers. Those of you who aren't writers--it's important. It's important to try new authors, to buy their first books (new, not used).

So. You know how I sometimes do "Recommend a book day"s? I'm going to do them more regularly, and we'll try specifically to recommend first books by new authors.

Anybody else want to participate?


Anonymous said...

I think I can do this. It isn't difficult for me to find books by authors I haven't read yet, or at least do not remember reading. But, how do I know if it is a new author's first release? Does it usually say that on the book somewhere? I think it is a great idea to support new author's first works. -JTC

kis said...

It is a good idea. Unfortuanately for me, the nearest actual bookstore is three hours away through mostly unpopulated country. I might get there once or twice a year, if that. All we've got in town is the usual selection of best-sellers on those spinning racks at the drug and grocery stores. Ugh. Nora Roberts is a fine author, but she doesn't need any help from my skinny wallet, let me tell you.

But now that I have my new laptop (Woot!) with internet access, I have more freedom to buy stuff and download stuff than when I was using my paranoid husband's computer. (Gotta keep that hard drive squeaky clean, baby!)

I'll browse publisher websites to find good stuff, and try to try something new every month or two. That's about the best you can do when you live in the boonies.

December Quinn said...

Hmmm. Sometimes it does say it on the book, JTC, or you can look at the "other books by this author" page, and if there's nothing there or if the book you're holding is the first title listed you'll know.

I'm hoping to eventually start getting recommendations, so we have a list of them.

Lol, I know just what you mean kis. Very few new US authors make their way over here, and even if they do most bookstores in my area don't carry them. Especially since I'm trying to focus on books that weren't award winners or bestsellers or book club books.

Amazon is our friend.

Robyn said...

I'm going to use some of my Christmas money to buy an e-book reader. While I don't think it will ever match the feel of a print book in my hands, I'm really interested in checking out more e-books this year.

littlebirdblue said...

December Quinn,

I love your resolution to buy new books by new authors ("I want genre! I want mid-list!"-- delish...). I'm going to credit you and suggest the same on my site. Thanks for the resolution. If new writers don't support each other's efforts, we'll have to shoulder some of the blame for the death-dull boredom in life of seeing only the same five authors in every bookstore and supermarket and airport in the world. Screw that (and not in a good way).

I'll keep watching for your posts of purchase suggestions. Let's jump-start the revolution, baby! Happy New Year!

December Quinn said...

Very good, Robyn! One of these days I'll get an ebook reader myself--I'm already trying to buy more ebooks.

Thanks, littlebirdblue! Exactly--if we don't do it, who will? And since most of us have websites and blogs, our recommendations may reach a few people. It may make no difference at all--it's not like I'm famous or anything--but I'm hoping it at least gets people thinking about branching out. I tend to glom on to one author and buy everything, which is great, but I don't buy enough new writers. So I'm trying to both help new writers and branch out my own reading a bit as well. :-)

And yes, I'm tired of those same five authors at the store, too.

Glad to have you on board!

Anonymous said...

*waves* I'm still here. I check your blog almost daily. I doubt I can do the buy the books thing. But I do hope to do recommend an author day :) And I plan on doing lots of reviews and interviews this coming year. I've been watching the COM a lot lately. Congrats on getting past the pile. But honestly, from what I've seen it looks like it was easy. Do you think Miss Snark would do a 10 Questions with me?

Sam said...

I love trying new books. I usually read whatever is put under my nose, lol.
I also buy a lot of e-books - I find a lot of new writers like that.

December Quinn said...

Glad to see you, Michelle! And please, recommend away!

As far as Miss S--I'd give it a little bit for the COM hoopla to die down, then email her and ask. I have no idea if she'd be willing to do it (I've never seen her interviewed or doing anything off her own blog), but it's worth a try.

Please recommend some good ebooks too, Sam! I definitely want to do more ebook promos in general.

Isabella Snow said...

I would love to do this, but, sadly, I have so many books I've not gotten around to reading yet, it would be a waste of money!

But as soon as I am rich, I am signing right up. ;)

moth said...

I'm in. This is a wonderful idea. :-)

December Quinn said...

Just throw some recommendations my way, Isabella!

Thanks moth! Nice to see you here!