Thursday, December 07, 2006

News, news, and...stuff

Okay! Item One:

The Black Dragon will be released on 15th December. So my contests and stuff will be announced either that morning or the following afternoon, as the 15th is the evening of hubby's big work do and I will be away most of the day. At the hotel spa, btw, ladeda.)

Item Two:

Personal Demons is my query. So get over to EE and comment. Feedback me, feedback me. All night looong.

Item Three:

This morning I got an email about a project I subbed way back in February, recommending I send it to a couple of other people in the same company. This is, I am tentatively hoping, a Good Sign. So my little fingers are crossed.

I am hoping my cold stays at bay for the next couple of weeks, because of teh busyness. But it is cold and miserable outside, oh yes indeed. There was a tornado in north London today! Which is several hours away, but my goodness! Our power flickered a few times. So I did not walk to pick up Princess. We took a cab.

Okay, sorry for the dull. I'm stopping now.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the "call back" I hope it leads to something grand.

Of course I put my two sense worth in already about "Personal Demons". I like. -JTC

Anonymous said...

Wooohoo on TBD!! I saw an ad for it today! Many sales, woman!

Fingers crossed on the Good Sign!

And what's EE.. ??

December Quinn said...

Evil Editor, Isabella. Sorry, I forgot not everyone is a Minion.

Thanks! Where did you see the ad?

II saw your comment, JTC! Thanks! And my fingers are definitely crossed on the callback. It's a sper long shot, but...:-)

Bernita said...

So Glad about Black Dragon.
Was so impressed with the hero. My kind.

Anonymous said...

Contracts for Christmas, cool!

I heard about that freaky tornado. Do they happen often over there? I'm from Oklahoma, so I'm used to them. Tend to forget they actually happen elsewhere.

Bernita said...

Want to add to my comment on EE about the title, December.
The fact that it displays at least 3 meanings or layers is a sign of a well-crafted novel.

December Quinn said...

Well, it's not contracts yet, Robyn...but I'm hoping. (And I don't want to jinx myself further.) :-)

Yes, I grew up in Missouri so I'm pretty familiar with tornados, too, but they're awfully rare here. It's still making headlines.

Thanks, Bernita. I wondered if anyone would pick up on that--the radio show title, the personal demons themselves, Megan's past (so her personal demons, which has a very direct effect on the story in a demon way), and her bodyguards--her other personal demons.

And Mal, Lif, and Spud are sort of comic relief. All Spud ever says is "Yeh."