Sunday, February 11, 2007

Happy Burt Reynolds Day!

Yes indeedy, folks. Burt Reynolds is 71 years old today.

And you know, he still looks pretty good, although I'm focusing on macho 70's Burt as a fitting end to Macho Week.

So I'm going to blog about mullets and muttonchops, then I'm going to watch Smokey and the Bandit and enjoy this special day.

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Rashenbo said...

Lol! Burt Reynolds day!!! :) You are a riot.

Isabella Snow said...

He scares me!

December Quinn said...

I just love the Burt, Rashenbo! :-)

Isabella, did you ever see Smokey and the Bandit?

Isabella Snow said...

What, and scare myself deliberately??


December Quinn said...

I don't think you'd be scared anymore if you saw it! :-)