Thursday, February 01, 2007

Insert Clever Title

So this evening, while frying tortillas for dinner (bastardized Mexican. See, I'm allergic to peppers, and I don't really like spicy food, so fried tortillas are pretty much the only thing that makes my tacos Mexican at all. Otherwise they're just ground beef cooked with garlic, onion, Worcestershire, and soy [it really is tasty] and served with some cheese. Anyway.) I was frying the tortillas and somehow managed to dip the middle finger of my left hand into the boiling oil.

Now that was fun.

After I finally managed to get my finger out from under the cold tap, and after eating and it still hurt, and after I had some ice cream and it still hurt, I headed for the medicine cabinet. I could have taken some ibuprofin or paracetemol (because we don't have Advil or Tylenol here), but then I remembered. I still have some Percocet left over from when the Faery was born and I forced my doc to give me plenty. (See, when Princess was born he didn't give me enough, and I never let him forget it.)

Long story short? I am high as a kite right now, my friends. Not only does my finger not hurt, I seriously don't think I could feel pain if I tried. I'm awfully thirsty, though.

So I was going to do some real writing work tonight but in the mood I'm in, I don't think it's a good idea.

And, they finally announced the release date for the last Harry Potter book! Yay! July 21st! I'm of two minds about this. On the one hand, July 21st can not come fast enough. On the other, my husband turns 35 on the 16th of July and I am not looking forward to the weeks of "I'm so old" conversations. Even less am I loking forward to turning 34 on August 11th. No, not looking forward to that one at all. So I want July 21st to happen, then just stay the 21st for several more months. Like Groundhog Day, July, and without Bill Murray. (Although I freaking adore Bill Murray, so he's certainly welcome to come along.) I can't wait for the book, though. I'm thinking of trying to convince hubs to take me to Edinburgh. Maybe JK Rowling will show up.

And I had a cigarette two days ago, because he was having one, but it was eh. And I haven't had any since. So look at me, being all tough and shit.

Oh, and also Molly Ivins died, and apparently she was much admired despite being a plagiarizer. Since she stole not only Florence King's words, but her whole "loveable curmudgeon" persona, I think she had a lot more to apologize for than she did, but it seems that, much like when Hunter S. Thompson died and I didn't care, I'm in the minority here as well. (BTW Florence King is one of my all-time favorite authors, so I've always had about as much use for Ivins as I have for pens with pink ink.)

The hubs and I were discussing art earlier (which actually has very little to do with Molly the Copycat but bear with me, because I think it's interesting.) We were discussing art, and what makes art cross the line between interesting and pretentious. There was more to it than that, but that was the gist. And we figured it out:

Pure art exists so the artist can make the viewer or audience or whatever see the world the way the artist does, or look at themselves in a different way, or make them think. Good or bad. It doesn't intrude, it opens a dialogue.

Pretentious art makes the audience look at the artist. It doesn't try to do anything but attract attention.

And those are my drug-addled thoughts for the evening.


bunnygirl said...

Ouch-- hot oil burns are nasty!

I managed to burn myself with hot oil the day before going on vacation, several years ago. I spent the whole two weeks traipsing around New England with a veeeeerrrry attractive bandage on my hand.

Uh, right.

So take care of that burn, and enjoy your meds! :-)

December Quinn said...


Luckily it doesn't seem too bad this morning. The skin is only very slightly pinkish and it doesn't really hurt, so I'm hoping I managed to get it under the cold water fast enough and for long enough. I haven't even blistered.

Nothing like a hand injury to make you feel like a total idiot, right? You can't even pretend it was some kind of heroic thing, when your thumb or whatever is bandaged up.

Anonymous said...

I can't ever remember thinking 35 is old. I especially don't think it now that I'm well past it.

Ah, the days when I used to steal my sisters percodan. Thanks for the memories.

I agree with your opinion about art. -V95

Robyn said...

I've had a boiling water burn. Sucks.

Thank God someone else didn't have much use for Molly Ivins, and I'm looking forward to seeing if someone important actually does die in Deathly Hallows.

December Quinn said...

Uh, you're welcome? If it weren't for those pesky laws, I'd be happy to send you one of mine, V95. One. Cuz, you know, I might need those for pain again in future.

Yes, Robyn, seems they're canonizing the woman all over the place, doesn't it? I read something on Gawker about how there's only a few months left before the new HP book comes out and Ron Weasley dies. I don't think it will be him, though. My money's totally on Neville and Hagrid. Ron's a possibility, but I'm betting he makes it.

Anonymous said...

Hagrid has my bet. Of course Harry himself would end all "Write another one" whines.

I have an excellent use for pink ink pens. I write my to do lists in them. >:) That way it feels that much better to cross it out in black ink. Oh and *coughcoughIscrapbookandmydaughter'sfavoritecolorispinkHack*
(but don't tell anyone because they might kick me out of the horror writer's club, even thought it is kind of funny thinking of me writing horrible gory scenes in pink ink inside a notebook with a sparkling pink cover.)

BernardL said...

I share your view of Ivens. Getting burned on occasion is a fact of life in my day job. I keep ice ready at all times. Twenty minutes with direct ice contact, and no delays, works better than anything I've ever tried. Your take on art is a pretty good parallel to Molly. :)

Anonymous said...

Hm, I wonder why the ice cream didn't take the pain away. Usually works for me. Seriously, try raw onion. It's the strangest thing, but it totally takes away the sting of a burn, especially a hot oil burn.

I don't know who any of the people you mentioned are/were except for Hunter S. and I think he's more hype than anything.

If you want cool art check out the Gallery Revisited link on my blog.

Bernita said...

Same thing applies to writing.
Think it was Jim Baen who commented that good style does not call attention to itself.

December Quinn said...

Lol, Michele! That's a great image, you'd make a wonderful character in one of your books!

Thanks Bernardl. I do think I managed to get it under the cold water soon enough and for long enough, because the finger is fine.

Doh, Jenn, I have heard about raw onion. I don't think I had one, but I don't know why I didn't think of it!

December Quinn said...

Excellent quote, Bernita. And yes it does.

cyn said...

ouch! i hope you are feeling better, december! i can't get over why they don't have tylenol in the uk. the love insists on only taking disprin, like asprin is awful or something. i also get a kick out of bonjella. HAHA! HAHA! that's so funny. =) anyway, i'm 34 in august, too. woooo! we can celebrate together, girl!!

December Quinn said...

I get a kick out of all the cold sore medications. There's so many and they all have such stupid-ass names, like "No-sore-o" or something.

Stupid Brits and their archaic medicines. A friend of our just got back from FL and I said I wished I'd thought to ask her to get me some cold medicines. She said she grabbed some for herself because "they're so much better there."
"Yeah, I wasn't going to say anything," I said. But it is so true. :-)