Friday, March 02, 2007

Just reject me now


Because I clearly am not capable of interacting with other human beng in a way that does NOT make me look like a total idiot.

First, there was the misspelled my own damn name incident.

Then there was the "sent the old file, not the new one which included query letter, and had to resend with apologetic email" incident.

Yesterday I sent my hook to Agent X and managed, somehow, to transpose the words "genre" with "word count" in my head, and so sent the wc and not the genre. I posted this in the comments, hoping for the answer to come (much like flagellent monks hoped for enlightenment) but received nothing but the sympathetic laughter of my peers.

Now I've attmepted to say something reassuring on a publishing blog and ended up sounding like I was talking about something completely different, thansk to an un-followed through deletion because my Faery was crawling into my lap and I was afraid not to click "send", because last time she crawled into my lap like that she managed to delete 600 words of a manuscript. So I had to add another comment explaining my first. I might as well have simply replied by saying, "Oh, and I'm a total dumbass."

Is it the Mercury retrograde? Or am I truly just a moron who should go live in a cave by the beach and paint seashells for a living?

By the way--Movie Recommendation. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Absolutely hysterical. Seriously. Val Kilmer is freaking awesome in this.

And another by the way--Prince of Death is the #4 bestseller over at Whiskey Creek Press-Torrid! Thanks to everyone who bought the book!


Anonymous said...

Loved Kis Kis Bang Bang!

You need a vacation.

Stop working for a couple days. Go to the spa, get a mud wrap, have someone paint your toenails and order out for dinner.

bunnygirl said...

We all have days/weeks like that. Take a break. Or maybe just have another cup of coffee and read the latest Darwin Awards. Maybe browse a good Engrish or Chingrish site for good measure.

You'll feel much better.

December Quinn said...

Vacation? What is this "vacation" you speak of?

We can't afford McDonald's these days, the chances of a spa break are about as likely as the chances of me suddenly winning America's Next Top Model. Which I am too old to enter even if I wanted to. Which I don't. So there you go.

December Quinn said...

You know, I don't drink coffee but I'm going to have a Coke, you've reminded me my caffeine intake for the day has been quite low. :-)

BernardL said...

I came home from the shop one day when my kids were young, looking like I'd just climbed out of a coal mine. My daughter asked me what happened, and I told her I got into a hatchet fight, and everyone had a hatchet but me. Every time I came home in the same condition after that day, one of my kids would always pop me with 'hey Dad, you forget your hatchet today?'. It just sounds like you forgot your hatchet, D. :)

Sam said...

Awwww! (((HUGS)))
And congrats for your book being number five at Whiskey Creek!!!!

Anne Douglas said...

kiss kiss bang bang was excellent! After that movie Val was back in my good books!Say TGIF three times, spin backwards and have a glass of wine. Won't do a damn thing but make you dizzy and fall over, but afterwards, once you've finished laughing at yourself you will feel much better!

Anonymous said...

Yep, Merc is retro until the 7th March. It's sucking ass this go round and I'm feeling your pain.

December Quinn said...

Lol, Bernardl, I think that's the perfect way to put it! Let's hope I find my hatchet soon!

Thanks, Sam! I'm pretty excited!

Lol, Anne. I'm definitely going to give the wine a go. It's Friday night, after all. Finally!
Thanks for the comment, and welcome!

December Quinn said...

It is sucking ass, isn't it elle? I didn't think it would be as bad as some, and it hasn't quite (with the internet fall-outs, I mean), but it's sucking in big other ways.

kis said...

Shit like this happens to me all the time. Send in a requested without a SASE, or send the older, not quite so polished version in an email, or forget to write requested materials on the envelope. It usually happens when I'm in that hopeful stage where someone's requested something, and my nerves are leaping like fleas on a hardwood floor. I'm starting to think it's a form of self-sabotage. sigh. Dang fear of success.

Robyn said...

Awww, poor sweetie!

At least you didn't blurt out to your dad, "How's the union-busting going?" while in a very public restaurant which was, at that very moment, patronized by union officials who were trying to make his business a union shop.

Or the time I had an interview, left the office thinking I nailed it, then glanced in a mirror and realised I'd smeared my dark lipstick enough to look like Bozo.

Or the time I went to a church youth thing (at age 15) in a wrap-around skirt. I went to the bathroom and apparently didn't get the skirt back on correctly, and didn't know until I had passed about 1,000 people down the center aisle to get to my front-row seat. Thank God I had a slip on.

Life constantly conspires to tell me I'm an idiot. I flip it off and tell it, "At least I'm cute."

Congrats on the book, and - YOU'RE CUTE!

littlebirdblue said...

Prince of Death is the #4 bestseller

woot! woot!

Anonymous said...

((((((((((December))))))))) Virtual hugs for you. I'm having similar problems, except mine is all personal. It's like no matter how careful I am, or even how silent I am someone takes offense. I've lost three digital friends because of a review I did and because I professed my love of babies which apparently offended a woman who doesn't want kids. I'm baffled, frustrated and tired of never being able to do the right thing. But, in the end, you make your choices, deal with it and hope like hell everything turns out okay in the end. Or at least, that the person's boss doesn't let them blackball you from the magazine they happen to read slush for.
Funny about Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It was just on when I was flipping through channels.
Do you think we could just fast forward to March 8th?

kis said...

Heh heh. So as I'm leaving for work tonight, I say to the old guy, "How much you wanna bet I get there and the other waitress doesn't show? That my, ahem, delightful boss will have been very clear with the temp waitress that she is no longer needed, but not so much in telling the one returning from maternity leave that tonight's the big night?" Night from hell ensues, to the tune of Wagner's Flight of the Valkyries. Aggghhhh!

Why is it I'm blessed with a boss that micromanages the number of ice cubes we're supposed to put in a glass of water, but can't remember to tell someone what day to be at work? I now call him Captain Communication.

Is this Mercury retrograde, or just the full moon? Cause whatever it is, I've already had enough.

Bernita said...

Nah, December, for you it's just a phase.
With me it's a permanent condition.
By the time I've figured out "the rulz" - they've changed them.
Comfort yourself with that nice ranking.

December Quinn said...

You know, kis, I've wondered the same thing, if I aren't somehow deliberately sabotaging myself? It certainly wouldn't be the first time!

Lol, Robyn! I know I've said some dumb shit myself--future post, I think that is! And thanks! *preens cute self in mirror*

Woot! Woot! is right, lbl! I'm hoping it stayd on that list!

December Quinn said...

Michele, I have two kids and if you want to say you're not crazy about kids I'd shake your damn hand. Gawker sells a t-shirt that say "I Hate Your Kids". I'd go that one further. I do love my girlies with all my heart but sometimes I wonder what the hell I was thinking. (Then my next thought is wanting another one. WTF? The ones I have drive me buts!)

Apparently the effects of this retro will linger until the 12th. Stupid Mercury, why can't it go in the direction it's supposed to?

December Quinn said...

Oh, no, the making an internet ass out of myself is a constant, Bernita. It's just worse then usual just now. :-)

And I have never, ever seen you do or say anything to be remotely embarrassed about.

Isabella Snow said...

2 more days and merc ret will be over. Thank God, this one was particular annoying!