Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Ads

Note: I still want to hear any thoughts you have on the RWA standards, please. But I didn't want to put the ads up and not make some sort of statement about them.

Yep, I've got them. If they bother you, let me know, and please don't just start clicking indiscriminately because I can get kicked out of the program for that.

But seriously. If they interfere with your experience here, if they make my blog a less inviting place, if they make you not want to come back and participate...tell me. They'll go bye-bye. Keeping readers and friends is far, far more important than making a few £ from Google.

But the ads won't change me, oh no! I'll still be my crazy self! And while I'm thinking of crazy things to blog about, I like to curl up with a good Mills and Boon romance! For real romance that makes your heart sing! And drink PG Tips tea! It's delicious! It's the only tea cool people like me drink!

(Please tell me you know that's sarcastic!)

Seriously. My email is in my profile. If it's a problem for you, it's a problem for me.

And a MAJOR by the way: I have banned a certain author mill/scam "traditional" publisher from advertising here. If you see na ad by them on this site, please tell me, because they shouldn't be allowed to.


Sam said...

Oh, an author mill scammer!
Yes, do ban away. Too many of them and not enough legit publishers.
I'm trying to start up a publishing company, and we've had some excellent advice from Victoria Strauss - (Author Beware). All I can say is, if you have a doubt about a publisher or an agency, don't heistate to contact Author Beware - Victoria and Ann are tops.

pacatrue said...

WASSSUUPPP!!!! I find the ads quite unobtrusive. They are almost as invisible as Secret Roll-On antiperspirant, strong enough for a man, made for a woman. In fact, your blog still seems mmm mmm good. Really I'm Lovin' It! almost as much as a Big Mac. Or a Whopper Jr. which I can have my way.

But seriously, your blog remains farvegnugen to me. It's the real thing. Oh what a Feeling! I get from being here. The blog still goes down easy with me, or better put, it tastes great but is less filling than other blogs I read. (That sounds wrong, I think.)

OK, I'm done. I have no problem with the ads. They are quite unobtrusive in the side bar.

But one last thing. I'm an author; He's an author. Wouldn't you like to be an author too?

For the record, I just did: Budweiser, Secret, Campbell's, McDonald's, Burger King, Volkswagen, Bud Lite, and Dr. Pepper. I'm sure there ad agencies are very proud.

pacatrue said...

Make that Volkswagen, Coke again, Toyota, Bud Lite

Bernita said...

They are unobtrusive.
I don't read ads anyway, so I really don't have an opinion beyond that.

ERiCA said...

Bwa, secret roll-on antiperspirant. LMK if it works for you, so I can sell out, too. Kidding! Kidding. Well, partly kidding. I would put 'em on in a heartbeat if I thought I would actually make $$ from it. No problems here.

Sonya said...

Ads? What ads?

Gee, December, why would you ban a Traditional Publisher's ads from appearing on your blog? Don't you know they want to Give Your Work The Chance It Deserves? They Truly Care About You, The Author!

You're part of that publishing conspiracy, aren't you? The one that wants to Keep New Authors Down. Augh! See if any Traditional Publisher ever offers YOU a whopping advance of... a dollar.

On second thought, stick with the Google ads. You'll probably earn more that way. :D

Anonymous said...

I certainly do not have a problem with it. I hardly notice the difference.

That pacatrue is a hoot, isn't she? -V95

December Quinn said...

Lol, Paca!

Yes, everyone, I have indeed banned that Traditional Publisher, thus joining the Corporate Conspiracy Against New Writers.

I'm actually trying to get most of the vanity press ads off my list, because let's face it--not only do I not endorse them, but none of you are going to be remotely interested in those either.

I'm glad you guys don't think the ads are bad and they're not bothering you. *sigh of relief*

So far, anyway. :-)

Anna J. Evans said...

Go for it girl. As I said in the comments a few posts back, anything I can do to help buy Princess and Faerie cereals that are part of a nutritous breakfast is good by me.

And as other people said. I really didn't even notice them, they're so nicely located down there under all the linky-bits.



BernardL said...

"I like to curl up with a good Mills and Boon romance! For real romance that makes your heart sing! And drink PG Tips tea! It's delicious! It's the only tea cool people like me drink!"


Ann(ie) said...

Dude, the ads aren't obstrusive, but they're pimping Authorhouse on your blog. Ew!

Anonymous said...

I can live with them.

Serena Joy said...

I actually had to go look for the ads, so I don't find them intrusive at all. There are ads on my board over which I have no control, and sometimes that damned "traditional" author mill's ads pop up. Makes me want to scream.

Rebecca said...

The ads are barely noticeable.

And, hey, there's NOTHING wrong with PG Tips tea!!

Scary Monster said...

Me can't believe it. You put advertising on yer blog? STOMP! that be soooo commercial. Ugh! Me is thinking that you don't really care about us (sniff)You be exploiting the monsters of the world to get the big bucks. What'll be next? Teaming up with Stephen king To write Horror Romance? You know what Me be talking about; the kind of story where the psychotic clown stalks after the trapeeze artist , who is having an affair with the midget, who is married to the wolf gurl. or something like that.

This monster be shocked!

btw where are the ads? Me couldn't find them?

Robyn said...

Monster, I would TOTALLY read that book.

The ads don't bother me, DQ. But now I want to go read a Mills and Boon!

Arin Rhys said...

You have ads? Damn, those unobtrusive ads are as delicious as Kabobaque: Tucson's best Indian restaurant.


I think I fail at the insert ad game. :(

December Quinn said...

Thanks, Anna. I actually think, as I hone what sites are allowed to advertise here and which aren't, that I could get a list I'm not ashamed to have here. And yeah, money is always a help.

I'm doing the best I can, Annie.

Thanks Seeley and Bernard!

At least I'm lucky there, Serena. I actually don't mind so much the honest vanity publishers. It's the fakers that bug me.

PG Tips is all we drink, rebecca, that's why I mentioned them! Nope, nothing wrong with that one at all!

December Quinn said...

Oops, sorry, Rebecca, my finger slipped and I didn't capitalize your name.

Lol, Scary. But, uh, yeaaah...if Stephen King knocks on my door and asks me to team up with him, I don't think there's anything on the planet which would induce me to say no. :-)

Nothing wrong with Mills & Boon, Robyn!
And I'm sort of working on a horror romance, so...maybe we'll all get lucky!

December Quinn said...

You don't fail, Arin! Good slip-in, I liked it.

Isabella Snow said...

Erm, where are the ads??