Monday, April 23, 2007

It Sucks Being Nearsighted

Oh yes it does.

My prescription (last time I got one), for those of you who are also nearsighted and so find such things as fascinating as new moms find baby weights and poop, was a -9.

But it's been, oh, four years or so since I had an eye exam, and my eyes keep getting worse.

For the last few weeks I thought they were getting a lot worse, worryingly so, before I finally took out my contacts (I know in the world of responsible people, "extended wear" does not mean "wear without removing for months". But that ain't my world, friends) and realized why my vision was so cloudy all the time. Because the lenses were yucky and cloudy and smudgy. Pretty awful.

So now I'm on my last pair (actually not yet, I'm doing one of my repentant wear-glasses-for-a-week things), so I'm going to have to go get another exam soon, and since I'm not in Florida I can't go to my best friend's brother, who is a great optomotrist or opthalmologist or whichever it is who does my eye exams for free because I'm his sister's best friend. (But if any of you are ever in the West Palm Beach area, and need an eye exam, email me and I'll tell you where to go. In a nice way, not in the way implied by the phrase "I'll tell you where to go." Which sounds like the next sentence should be "To HELL!! MUAHAHAHA!")

It's especially fun being nearsighted when you're married to someone with the Best Vision in the World, so good his eye doctors burst into tears, who likes to smugly remind you of that fact whenever the subject comes up. "I wouldn't know, because my vision is actually too perfect for their silly instruments to measure. Ha ha!"

So. Still fiddling with the new site, still looking for comments if you have time. Is anyone else noticing slow loading? Also, V95, you see I have changed my icon. It's me again, a pic of me holding the Faerie (I cropped her out but you can see her ear.)

And if anyone has an ideas how I can tell the sweet lady who designed and hosted my old site, who is a really good person and a friend, that I'm switching away from her, that would be great. I know what I'll probably say, but suggestions are always helpful.

I may post more later.


Bernita said...

Loaded quickly for me.
It's dramatic.
Yeah, tell me about that fuzzy vision and the perfect eye-sight guy.
I tell him to be grateful I don't always see well - might not have married him otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Two thumbs up for the site and the avatar change. :~)>

My visions isn't perfect, but I do not need corrective lenses (yet). I've always had issues with eye "pain", though. They either burn or hurt every so often for some unknown reason -not that big a deal.

Anyway, congrats on the changes and Faerie has a cute ear. -V95

"I tell him to be grateful I don't always see well - might not have married him otherwise."

Too funny, bernita. That's probably true for my wife as well.

bunnygirl said...

Blind as a bat, here. I've been wearing my glasses for the last few years because I became so fed up with the hassles of contacts. I may go back to contacts, though. The technology gets better all the time, so maybe they have some now that won't leave me driven half-mad by all the crap in the polluted air in this town. Grit, pollen, eye goop and contacts just aren't a good combo.

December Quinn said...

"Dramatic" is a good word, Bernita... :-) And I'm totally going to steal that line.

Thanks V95! Yep, all of her is cute!

Oh, I hate wearing glasses, Bunnygirl, always have. I remember the day I got my contacts as one of the greatest days of my life (I was almost 12).

BernardL said...

Your site loaded here at work even on my back-up dial-up. I'm nearsighted too, and have worn glasses since third grade. Great line, Bernita. He'll get a laugh out of it, D.

Anonymous said...

You are so cute!!

EAMonroe said...

Hi December.
Your new site has a clean and sharp look and loads fast! I've worn contacts for many years, but now wear my glasses, especially when I want to see! Put me in the blind as a bat category. The newer feather-weight lenses sure beat those pop-bottle lenses of the old days!

December Quinn said...

Cool, Bernard, good to know. I'd hate to switch everything to a new site and have it be slow-loading. :-)

Thanks, Michele. I actually think I photograph terribly but that one wasn't too bad, so...

Thanks ea! And welcome! Your blog is fascinating.
And yeah, I shudder to think how thick my lenses would be if not for the super-thins. They hurt my nose even before I started wearing lenses (right around the time they started doing the thinner glasses) and even the thin ones stick out on either side of my frames.

Isabella Snow said...

I used to want glasses so badly when I was a kid. I still would kind of like a pair.

I SWEAR my vision is not perfect, but he doctors always tell me it's better than perfect and I need to go bother someone else.

(Cos I go in there asking for glasses... lol)

But honest, I am JUST GUESSING! the letters at the bottom! It's just luck that I get them correct!

Hmm. Well, shit. I guess I could guess something I know for sure it isn't.


Maybe I need a *different* kind of doctor...............

Sonya said...

Oooh! Me likey! :-)

Great new look, December. I really like the new website, too. It loaded quickly, no waiting for me. I have a cable modem, though... but it still was quite fast.

CONGRATS on your new sales to EC!!!

December Quinn said...

You could just buy frames, Isabella, and put clear glass in them. Some people look really nice in glasses, I've just never thought I was one of them.

Thanks Sonya! I admit I am really falling in love with the new site.

kis said...

Beautiful graphic, December. And it was a bit sluggish to load, but no worse than anyone else's. Congrats on the sales to EC!

I suppose this would be a bad time to confess I also have better than 20/20 vision? If it's any consolation, though, I have so many floaters in my vitreous humor that when I go out in the sun I feel like I'm standing in a swarm of gnats.

And for someone who claims she "doesn't photograph well," that pic is great.

December Quinn said...

Thanks, kis!

Nak, don't worry about the vision. I mean, obviously I married one of you insufferable Perfect Vision people, so I don't hate all of you. :-)

And that picture isn't too bad, no...but it's rare. Very rare indeed.