Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I have no idea where the last few days have gone.
Well, okay, I partly do. I had a cold. I spent two days on the couch with my hubby, watching an extended DVD marathon of The X-Files. Including the crazy inbred episode. Whee! Amazingly enough, I didn't watch The X-Files when it was actually on. So these are pretty much all new to me. It's okay, but not as spooky-good as Millenium. Now that was a show!

I've also made another sale! My new EC editor contracted my submission for the Torrid Tarot line (you may recall, the book Anna J and I sold to EC last year was also for this line). The card is the Eight of Wands and we're waiting on title approval. I have to finish that one, it's about halfway done and I think by the end of April I can get it completed.

Plus I dragged an old half-finished project that I loved but got stumped on out of the Word graveyard and have added 3k to it since yesterday. Hopefully I'll have that one sent to EC by the end of the month, too.

So between the runny nose, the writing, and the Scully/Mulder thing, I've not been online hardly at all. And I will probably be scarce for the next week because I'm hoping to really push those projects through. I can't get a combined 50k words done on them in a week, but I can get 20 to finish the one, so I have some breathing room on the other. If I focus.

I won't be absent, oh no. I just may not be as chatty as I usually am.

I swear I'll do at least one real post this week, though.


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with keeping your priorities strait. Hard work usually pays off one way or another. -V95

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the EC roll! Happy writing!

Isabella Snow said...

Ok I'm caught up on most of your posts now. Phew.

Now.. tell me where you got the little RJ Ribbon button? I want to put one on my blog too!!

littlebirdblue said...

Another yes for December!

BernardL said...

Good news on the sale, D, bad news on yet another mutant virus cold. I still get a kick out of watching X-File reruns, depending on the episode. Get well soon!

Scary Monster said...

Me gonna slap meself next time me thinks it be difficult to put me words into a post people can read in under 27.4 seconds.

Congratulations on the wand works.

Have fun writing.


Rebecca said...

congrats on the sale - and good luck with all that work. I need something to motivate me like that right now.


Isabella Snow said...

Damn it, I swear I said congrats first. Guess I deleted it somehow. Yeep.


(Ok, now tell me about the button ;))

December Quinn said...

Thanks everyone! In the time since I first posted this and now, I have been stricken with an absolutely miserable stomach flu.

I swear I'm not normally a sickly person. I don't know what's up with me this week. I think when I quit smoking my immune system went haywire.

Isabella, I got the button from the Junkies when they reviewed me--it was either attached to the email or there was a thing in the email about emailing them to ask for one. So if they reviewed you, email them with the date of your review and ask for the code!

Bernita said...

No apologies, no promises - work comes first.
Congratulation and sympathies.

Serena Joy said...

Congrats on the sale! What wonderful news for you. So sorry to hear you're under the weather, though. At least you had the X-Files to keep you company. I LOVE the X-Files. I think you're right about quitting smoking doing something weird to your immune system. Every time I've ever quit, I've promptly gotten sick. Feel better soon.

December Quinn said...

Thanks, guys.

Bernita, you manage to keep blogging no matter what. I wish I had that much dedication and skill.

Serena, it's been three months now but I still...oh I want a cigarette!
And we're having a lot of fun with the X-Files! Again, maybe not quite as much as I loved Millenium--did you watch that one?--but it's good. We're about halfway through Season 4.

Isabella Snow said...

Hmm. I got reviewed, but only recently and found it by googling my book. Guess I'll pretend I have some patience a bit longer. ;)