Thursday, May 17, 2007

Now Hiring Rabid Fangirls


So with the internets going all crazy everywhere and all this stuff about loyalty and all this jumping to people's defense and blah blah blah, something has occurred to me.


I have, at this moment, NO rabid fangirls.

How is this possible?

If someone were to, say, start attacking me personally on a reader blog, I don't think anyone would leap to my defense, creating sock puppets and littering the comments with bad spellingz and "1"s instead of exclamation points. WHERE ARE TEH FANGURLS, YO?

Am I not worthy of fangirls? Do I not deserve them? C'mon, people! Not even one! Not one person?

Look. Become my fangirl, and you can buy this t-shirt. See that? Who wouldn't want that?

Here's the image closer up:

You think I'm joking. I'm not.

(Yeah, okay, of course I totally am.



pacatrue said...

I'll be your fangirl if you change the outfit to involve a tiny miniskirt with the name "December" scrawled across the ass.

Because people really, really need to see me in a miniskirt.

December Quinn said...

Lol paca I'll get right on that.

I'd like to see you in a miniskirt; why not?

McKoala said...

If you change the spelling to 'fangurrrl' then I might be in. Gotta love those teen spellings.

We're talking two way, though... How about: 'I am mckoala's furrrball'?

McKoala said...

Aw gee! You visited my blog! Hope you didn't get eyestrain reading through those lengthy posts, tee hee. Blogging eh. One day I'll take it seriously. I do like reading other people's, although it is really just an instrument of procrastination.

kis said...

I would totally make sock puppets for you, December. I might even be able to bring myself to change my Ss to Zs. *shudder* I'm not just saying that. :)

ERiCA said...

Bwa, I wanna be your fan girl, too! (Plus I added you to my blog roll so I can come by and wax fan girl on you every day! *g)

December Quinn said...

That's just a prototype, McKoala; I can easily change it to "Fangurrl." I'm also working on a few other slogans, like "December Rocks", "I am December's bitch", and "If you're not down with December, you're not down with me."

Which is honestly a really stupid way to waste my time, because I don't expect anyone to actually want to buy and wear the things. (Seriously, who the hell am I?)

This is what we do when we're avoiding writing...get all stupid excited about a joke and waste an hour playing arouns with fonts and changing scans to jpegs so we can load them onto Cafe Press...I have taken the avoidance of actual work to a new and stunning level, lol.

December Quinn said...

But I will totally wear the furrball shirt, oh yeah! And of course I visited your blog!

December Quinn said...

Aaaw, thanks kis! You can have your esses. (Ss?) Cuz we're down like that.

December Quinn said...

Yay Erica!! Thanks! I love your blog, it's always so much fun to find a new blog buddy too!

lil ol me said...

Awww gurl u know me gotcha bak.
u be the gr8est. no sombich gwanna mee wit u iffin me aroun. besides me awready spells bad n don ware no t-shirts nohow.


December Quinn said...


Should I do a SM/DQ gangsta-tattoo version too?

Bernita said...

Well, brand my ass!
There's a cat fight going on somewhere?
And I missed it?
I am a fan of yours, December - but not ~shudder~ a "fangurrl."

December Quinn said...

Head over to Smart Bithces and scroll a couple of posts down, Bernita. That's some crazy shit.

You don't wanna be my rabid fangirl? Stupid dignified people. :-)

Anonymous said...

Where are the "fanguy" t-shirts? -V95

BernardL said...

I can't be a fangurl, but I could be a General leading the sock-puppet army. :)

Bernita said...

Just did.
My. Word.

Cora Zane said...

*giggle, giggle* Sock puppet army... ^_^

December Quinn said...

Fanboys don't tend to go quite so sock-puppet army crazy in the blogosphere, V95 (she says sexistly). At least, not that I'm aware of.
But I will do some fanboy (or "fanboi") ones too if you like.

Once again, inspire me. Sock-puppet army is one of the best phrases I've heard in a while. I totally want to steal that.

December Quinn said...

Something else, isn't it Bernita?

I know, Cora! My blog buddies are the best!

Robyn said...

OMG i luv u ur awesome kittens rainbows BFFs 4EVAH Email me pleeeeze!!111!!11!

Wow. That's some seriously wacky crap going on at Trisk. Hallelujah, you've been set free!

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

you're so full of it. you KNOW i'm a total fangrrl of yours. dweeb.

December Quinn said...

Freedom is always nice, Robyn, but I feel bad for what's happened.

Big fluffy bunneez!

Rhian, you've been around long enough to know I think everyone hates me!

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

maybe everyone but me - you were one of my firstest, bestest friends in blogland.

actually on a serious note - shut up, i can too be serious! One thing i have noticed is that you've earned more across the board respect and admiration in blogland than ANYONE else i know. I mean EVERY FREAKING BODY raves December. Even peeps that snark others think the world of you. So face the facts - you have fangangs. Truth.

Anonymous said...

*shows you the rabies vaccine tag on my collar* I'm not rabid. But I am a fan. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot to add, make a cafe press store I'd totally buy a December Quinn thong ;)

December Quinn said...

Thanks Rhian. I guess it all feels so fleeting. You can build up all the good will in the world but it's ephemeral, it can disappear in an instant. Maybe the internet world just feels so much bigger than it should, or maybe I'm just feeling off today. :-)

Lol, Michele, it's good to know you've had your shots! I'm not going to actually do the Cafe Pres store, I don't think, but it was a laugh and that's the important thing!

Anna J. Evans said...

Hey bitch, I'm your fangirl. I'm a Scorpio and go totally rabid when people screw with people who have earned my loyalty. Which you have done in spades for the last few years :0.

And if I ever start an all girl punk band, I'm naming it 'sock puppet army'. I love that!

Anna (who has no rabid fan girls or boys, but people who still consent to be pals with both me and people I do not care for--vice versa--which is pretty good in my book :).)

Vicious Trollop said...

RE:I don't think anyone would leap to my defense, creating sock puppets and littering the comments with bad spellingz and "1"s instead of exclamation points. WHERE ARE TEH FANGURLS, YO?


I've yet to read your books, but just for that I'll be getting them and I may even become your rabid fangirl AND wear the t-shirt! LOL Loved this post *g*

So glad I found this site.

December Quinn said...

Anna, you do too have fangirls, and I will NEVER renege on my fangirl responsibility again.

Thanks, Vicious Trollop! I love you name, btw. And you blog. I just spent like an hour over there--Luke from Rachel's Holiday is one of my favorite heroes ever, too! I like the book, but I read it again and again for more Lukey goodness.

Although, I admit part of me actually wished Rachel really was sent to the Cloisters by mistake. I'm waiting to see a story about addiction that ends that way, someday. :-)

BernardL said...

The phrase 'sock puppet army' is hereby given over to your control.

Your Humble General :)

Vicious Trollop said...

December, I LOVE Luke, he's so yummy and sexy *roar* and incredibly sweet!

Did you read the lastest MK, Anybody Out there? There's tons of Yummy Luke there, though mostly other women faiting over him than any actual him (does that make sense? LOL).

December Quinn said...

I don't have that one yet, darnit! It's at the top of my list!