Monday, July 23, 2007

Rainy days and Mondays...

We have officially had over two months of rain here. There's been one or two isolated days with no rain (I think) but aside from that, just rain. Which is actually okay by me, as it hasn't been hot.

I have been fairly absent from the blogosphere since Friday. First I had to go get my Potter book, of course. Then stay up half the night reading it. Then finish it Saturday. Then absorb, etc. Frankly, my head has been so full of Potter lately I'm amazed I've gotten anything done.

But I have! I started my fifth Chapter One on the demons sequel, and it's finally, I think, acceptable. Better than acceptable, even, I hope. I'm almost done with Chapter Two as well, so yay me! So that's where I've been. Reading/thinking about Harry, or working.

Did anyone else read Harry?

The first reviews for Blood Will Tell are starting to trickle in. Two Lips Reviews (No, I didn't pay for a review, and they've discontinued that policy--I think they honestly believed they were doing something nice) gave the book Five Kisses and said:

December Quinn has written a story with sizzling hot sex, explosive action and a riveting plot. Ms Quinn makes her hero sexy and confident, and her heroine strong and independent. This book has just the right mix and you never know what is going to happen next. You don’t want to miss Blood Will Tell; get your copy today.

(Entire review here).

Mrs. Giggles gave the book a 78; she wasn't crazy about the story itself but liked the characters well enough, so that makes me happy. At least she didn't think they were morons! That one is here.

ALSO--I have exciting news!

My series on publishers is about to take a really cool turn--I have several interviews lined up for August!
On Friday I'm going to open a post for questions, so start thinking. What about publishing would you like to ask:

Raelene Gorlinsky, Publisher, Ellora's Cave

Tina Burns, Acquisitions Director, Liquid Silver Books

Treva Harte, Co-owner and Editor-in-Chief, Loose-Id

Angela James, Executive Editor, Samhain Publishing

These are all fabulous, extremely well-informed ladies, and they're going to be here to help YOU, so please, do start thinking. Here's your chance!

(Note: if possible, I'd like to keep the questions publishing-related, rather than "What are you looking for". You can find that information in several places already, and I'm sure they've heard it a lot. But please, anything you have about publishing, about how they view the industry, their take on the atmosphere these days, things they are most proud of with their companies, that sort of thing.)


Rebecca said...

I've seen big floods in England on tv - I guess they're not affecting you??

Congrats on the reviews!! and GREAT idea on the publishing interviews - can't wait to read them!

Camille Alexa said...

More sweet reviews! That's great, December. Cool idea with the interviews.

Camille Alexa said...

More sweet reviews! That's great, December. Cool idea with the interviews.

Camille Alexa said...

Sorry 'bout the hiccup.

Mark said...

Oooo. Five Kisses? I think they're coming on to you.

Do you want to know my sad Harry Potter tale?

December/Stacia said...

No, Rebecca, we're in the high country so we're probably about the only part of England that isn't flooding--the serious flooding is in Gloucestershire, where the Severn overflowed, it's a bit more than an hour's drive away. The Thames is close to flooding as well, I believe.

It's odd to see a natural disaster on TV and not a single trace of any sort of governemntal Emergency Management, no Red Cross, no nothing at all. Just people left to fend for themselves.

Thanks Camille! I hope you'll participate! :-)

Lol I know, Mark, it does feel a little bit that way. Sigh. Yes by all means tell me your sad story.

pacatrue said...

Congrats on it all.

Bernita said...

Review gold...congratulations!

ERiCA said...

Yay for good reviews and double-yay for making progress!

Your upcoming interviews sound great. I've had the pleasure of meeting Raelene on multiple occasions and she is a blast. Your blog readers are in for a treat.

Anna J. Evans said...

Congrats on the great review from Twolips!! That's awesome!

And you are the bomb with getting all those fabulous people to come hang out and answer our questions.

Thanks so much :)

Anna J. Evans

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the great reviews, December.

It's been flooding here in Texas too -a very unusual amount of rain here.

Harry Potter -not a fan. -V95

Mark said...

So, I rushed through Liz William's Snake Agent, which is made from 100% awesomeness, by Friday, so I'd be free from other literary wonderings. My wife, in an attempt to be wonderful, ordered HP7 from Amazon. They had that whole before noon guarantee thing. So I got up early (6ish) and waited, perused Half-Blood Prince, got reacquainted and such.

Then the clock started ticking. 7, 8, 9, 10, the fedex truck had been by several times, dropping off fresh Harry for the neighbors, whom I had assumed, 'til now, were philistines (they're still alcoholics). Caroline goes online to check the status and it says that the shipment is in Tumwater, awaiting a Monday delivery.

MONDAY!!!! I nearly went fetal.

She had inadvertently agreed to have the book sent to her work! Oh, the agony, Stace. The agony.

The weekend was shot. All that time set aside to read, null.

Lucky for me, a friend snagged an extra book for his niece, who was away on vacay. So I snatched that gift right up and on Sunday evening, settled in to putting sloppy spine creases right where they oughta be!

Mark said...

Oh yeah, and way to go on the interviews. I'm waiting patiently, sitting on my hands.

You're so conscientious, too. I can't seem to put anything professional on my blog. If I were to do interviews, my guests would likely be Saaphyri from Charm School, or the guy who rides his bike around the mall with speakers blaring "It's a Grand Old Flag".

Gabriele C. said...

Congrats on the review.

Your rock, and I've made it official, lol.

December/Stacia said...

Thanks, Paca and Bernita!

Yes, progress finally, Erica, lol. I hope you'll have a question or two for my guests? :-)

Thanks Anna. I hope you have a question too.

It was sunny and lovely yesterday, V95, and rainy again today, and it's supposed to rain all weekend again. They said this was going to be "the hottest July on record"--the temperature finally broke 70 yesterday for like the first time all month.

December/Stacia said...

Oh, Mark. I did the order-at-home on Book 5, and got my book at like 9 am, yay! Then for book 6 I sat around the house until 3, got it, went out with the hubs to Target where they had hundreds of copies. I decided then if I wasn't pre-reserving and going at midnight, I'd just go to the store the next day. That sucks. Hubs has stuff delivered to his work usually too, if they deliver to the house they always come when we're out.

Did you finish it yet?

And I'd love to have people like that. One of my dreams is Jade from ANTM. She could talk about revengeness and modelness.

Whee, thanks Gabriele! I am so jealous you went to York, I haven't been there yet, and I am definitely one of your Richard-fan friends.

writtenwyrdd said...

Mrs. Giggles' review wasn't too bad, really. Based on what she said, I'd have guessed teh 78 score was higher.

I liked this book, and because of the genre, I didn't expect a full-on thriller plot with all the details on the research. FWIW.

December/Stacia said...

Thanks Written! :-) I'm really pleased you liked it!

You know, I originally had more in there about the nature of her research but I thought ultimately that just a bare sketch was enough. Next time I'll put more in--I respect Mrs. G to the skies and if it was a failing in her eyes I take it on board.