Friday, August 31, 2007

It's the Deliciously Naughty invasion!

All right, maybe more like a minor incursion...

Stacia, thanks so much for inviting me over today! I've got a new release today, so Stacia (who's December when she hangs out with us smut-puppies :p ) kindly suggested I stop on by, and well... here I am!

I'm Sierra Dafoe, and I write erotic romance. Really steamy erotic romance. What can I say? I like the hot stuff! But I also like really unique characters, exciting stories, and unusual predicaments. All of which means I write anything from shapeshifting dragon princes, to a galaxy where all the men are sex slaves, to a place a little more close to home -- like Portland, Maine, where the Shifter Sisters, my trio of rock-n-rolling paranormal misfits, take the stage at my fictional version of Geno's every Friday and Saturday night.

The Shifter Sisters series started with Sex and the Single Werewolf, in which Luna, the lovelorn lycanthrope, discovers the power of friendship, the horrors of waxing, and the love of her life in sexy Irish songwriter Sean. Book two, Once Bitten, Twice Shy, featured Tori, the reluctant vampire, who lost both her virginity and her humanity all in one night, and now finds herself pursued by the rich, devilishly handsome Drake Foster -- who has an uncanny ability to be in two places at once.

And now it's Persia's turn. Persia, the catty shapeshifting singer, is furious that Tori got the man
she wanted. She's determined to find a man who'll turn both Tori and Lu absolutely green with envy. But finding a man who can outshine Drake Foster is going to be no easy task -- he’d have to be handsome, suave, sexy, adorable, romantic, powerful and rich…

In the meantime, there’s Billy Gruff -- young, blond, and absolutely gorgeous. A perfect consolation for her wounded pride. And when Billy takes her home to meet his brothers, Persia finds herself with an overabundance of mouthwatering choices.

What's a poor, harmless kitty to do?

Excerpt (ADULT, guys! You are duly warned...)

He can’t stop now, Persia wagered, urging him on with her tongue, pulling him deeper. He can’t possibly stop now…

But he did. With a groan Alec pulled her off him, tumbling her back onto the thick carpet. She fell awkwardly, angry now that her hands were bound -- it made her look ridiculous to be sprawled there, her thighs flung wide, her hair in her eyes. He stood over her staring down, panting, his eyes wide with something that looked like shock. His cock angled stiffly before him, jerking in time with his heartbeat.

“Are you crying uncle, Alec?” She slit her eyes at him teasingly. He shook his head slowly, that strange, wondering gaze still on his face.

What in hell was wrong with him?

Persia wriggled on the carpet, drawing her thighs up, arranging herself more seductively. The haunted shadows in his eyes grew deeper. He looked like a man wrestling with his own demons.

Well, this was no fun!

She bet she knew what would get him, though. Smiling coyly, she rolled over, raising herself to her knees with her hands cuffed behind her, and thrust her butt upward.

With a low, despairing groan, Alec sank to his knees behind her.

Purring hungrily, Persia rocked her hips back toward him, and smirked to herself as she felt his hands on her ass. Still he hesitated, that thick, lovely cockhead pressed against her dripping folds. Then a harsh sob burst from his throat and he plunged into her, sinking home in one hard thrust.

“God, Persia,” he whispered, his whole body trembling. “Oh, Christ, you feel just like velvet. All warm and soft and tight.”

Oooh, she liked compliments. And she liked the harsh desperation in his voice. Turning her head slightly, she murmured, “I know someplace even tighter.”

His shaft flexed inside her at her words and she heard him gasp, on the very edge of climax. Quickly, he pulled back out of her, and Persia heard him rise. A moment later, there was the scrape of a drawer being opened. Then she felt his hands on her hips again, and his cock nudged at her upturned ass.

“Oh, Persia.” His hands lifted from her hips, and a second later she felt his finger, slick with some lubricant, circling her tight, puckered hole. “Now do you want to cry off?” he whispered.

She panted, barely able to shake her head, paralyzed by the lust pouring through her body. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on the feel of his finger rubbing her rectum, penetrating slightly as he coated her ass. Then it was withdrawn, and Persia moaned as his cockhead replaced it, pressing against her opening, slowly spreading it open as he forced himself into her tight little hole.

Persia squirmed on the carpet, dragging her breasts back and forth against its plush softness, whimpering with delight as the clamps tugged at her nipples. She was on fire, her whole body yearning between those two sharp sensations -- the pinch of the clamps, and the delectable feel of Alec working his cock into her ass.

In her mind she imagined Billy, his eyes wide, asking in horror, You want me to do what?

Sweet, innocent Billy. He had no idea what he was missing.

Check out Shifter Sisters: Stray Cat Strut at Changeling Press today!

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Anonymous said...

I like "no rules" writing, Sierra. Very nice. -V95

catie said...

Okay, you hooked me. I just bought all three of the Shifter Sisters books and ALL WRAPPED UP 2. :)

Sierra said...

Yay! Thank you very much, guys -- and thank you again, Stacia, for inviting me!

-- Sierra