Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Just a quickie

My guest blogger is dragging heels, so hopefully that will be ready next week,

So this is just a quick one. We've had a very nice day today, although the birthday cake I made didn't turn out quite as pretty as I'd hoped. Stupid fan ovens are the bane of my existence. They dry everything out (although not the cake, as I've learned to add a little extra liquid) and, especially bad for cakes, make everything bake uneven on the tops. HATE THEM. I forgot to turn the bottom cake upside down for frosting (bright pink) so it ended up like some sort of insane Barbie-land mushroom.

We went to Forbidden Planet in Bristol, where Princess decided there was something she MUST have:

It's what all the fashionable six-year-olds are wearing these days, and since it was her birthday, we gave it to her. We're not sure why she loves Ghost Rider so much, but she does. She draws him too.

And I got a darling pair of shoes, very unlike me because they're wedge heels but I couldn't resist them, they are so Carmen Miranda/Miami fun (and on sale!):

They're actually a softer shade than they appear here. Just a little present for me, too.

So that was my day.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Princess!! And she has good taste. At least it's not Bratz.

December/Stacia said...

She's not allowed to have Bratz, and thankfully she doesn't really ask. :-)

The best thing was on her b-day last year when the neighbors gave her one. Because she played with their daughter's, and she didn't have any of her own...I was like, Yeah, that's because we won't LET her. Which I didn't say, but seriously, they know the kid's got tons of toys, why would they think she didn't have any Bratz just because we hadn't gotten around to it? If you see a little boy who has every boy toy in the world except, say, South Park toys, would you buy him one or think maybe there's a reason for that?

Anyway, we re-gifted the Bratz doll and she was very good about it.

Anonymous said...

I do like the newer barbie dolls though, fairies and mermaids. I would have loved those, instead I had peach ball dress barbie and pink ball dress barbie and teacher barbie.

Yeah, we always okay presents with the parents first. Or just ask if anything is particularly loved or discouraged.

BernardL said...

Wow, a Ghost Rider fan. Hey, those shoes don't have any arch support! :)

Anonymous said...

Ghost Rider, yeah. For her sixteenth b-day I hope she gets her first real street legal motorcycle. ;~)>

My granddaughter will be 4 in January and I've already told my daughter she's getting a dirt bike and all the motocross from Paw-Paw on her 5th b-day. :~)> -V95

writtenwyrdd said...

Not having kids of my own, I probably would make the mistake due to blithe idiocy. However, since my mother forbade Barbie or any toy guns or weapons, it might come to mind as a question I should ask.

Mom thought Barbie was sexist in the 60s; why don't you like Bratz? Because of the way they dress? (I know nothing about 'em.)

Anonymous said...

Bratz and Barbie make me glad I have a boy. All I have to worry about is him turning candles joined by the wick into nunchucks.

Fabu shoes! Very sexy for a wedge.

December/Stacia said...

Ah, Bernard, who cares about arch support when they're pretty?

No way, V95. She can have a bicycle, but no motorcycles. Too dangerous. The hubs wants one and I keep saying NO. :-) It's the only thing I put my foot down on, so he has to listen.

That's basically it, Written; Barbie may have a ridiculous body and vacuous appearance, but at least she doesn't look like a whore who'd trade her best friend for a pack of smokes. We try very hard not to encourage the "Spoiled stupid whore" thing in the girls, so no Bratz allowed.

Yes, well, that's why I wanted boys, Seeley, but the Universe apparently thought this would be funnier.
They are adorable, aren't they? In person they're sooo cute.

McKoala said...

I agree on Bratz and until Baba's fourth birthday this year our house was a Bratz-free zone. Then...she was given four. Four! I didn't have the heart to take them away. She seems to prefer Barbie, though, which is fine by me.

Anonymous said...

"No way, V95. She can have a bicycle, but no motorcycles. Too dangerous. The hubs wants one and I keep saying NO. :-) It's the only thing I put my foot down on, so he has to listen."

Life without a motorcycle = me climbing a water tower. :~(>

Scary Monster said...

That princess of yers has got the right idea. Bein a monster takes time and it's best to start young. She gonna turn out perfect. Hope she had a scary birthday.


sylvia said...

Barbies were banned when I was a kid, too. I didn't really mind although I played with my friends. I only really remember getting upset when I didn't get to go on the field trip to Mattel!

You didn't take a picture of the cake! :(