Wednesday, September 05, 2007

All kinds of stuff. And green poo.

This is the cover for my Ellora's Cave "Torrid tarot" series novel, The Eighth Wand, which will be released October 17. Pretty nice, I think. Especially considering the vague description of the tattoo I gave them, the artist did a splendid job.

So. Tanks to all who enjoyed the hubs' guest blog. He was too shy to come back and reply to everyone's comments, but he did read them. And yes, we have talked about writing something together, and I', pushing for it. As soon as I finish even half of the other stuff on my plate.

Rather than being flat-out blocked, I'm currently at that point, on the crest of the hill, where my WIP seems like total mush. The characters don't feel right. The story seems dull. I'm frantically checking and re-checking to make sure I haven't left any plot threads unchecked as we get ready to roll into the climax. It feels like I've been writing this book for years.

And of course, the world is conspiring against me, too. Today is the Princess's first day back at school, which means the Faerie is beside herself with boredom. She's gotten very used to having Big Sis around to play with. And so have I.

Plus the blogosphere decided to go crazy. Publishers are folding, fights are breaking out, plagiarism accusations (which I believe are well-founded) are flying around, along with wild, delusional rants about optioned television shows and furious posts in ALL CAPS.

(BTW, a TMI aside--in the middle of writing this I had to stop and change Faerie's diaper, because she smelled. Her poo was bright green. I'm not exaggerating. It was a bright spring green--actually rather a pretty color. Of course I panicked and googled "green poop". You'd be surprised how much comes up when you Google "green poop". Anyway, turns out it's probably the grape Kool-Aid she's been drinking--my Mom sent us a bunch of packets and the girls have both been guzzling it the last couple of days. So purple Kool-Aid=green poop, as confirmed by several online stories.)

Anyway. All this excitement is good for amusement but not so good when trying to actually write. Add to that a BBQ last weekend here and a day spent trying to recover from said BBQ and you can see why my wordcount has slowed to a crawl.

But I shall push on...

In other news, RWA has added my publisher, Juno Books, to their list of non-vanity, non-subsidy publishers, which means Personal Demons is now eligible to enter the RITA for 2008. I may do that.

I'm also trying to get together a list of independent bookstores--BookSense's list is apparently somewhat out of date. Anybody know of any stores, or where such a list might be available?


kirsten imma saell said...

Green poo, huh? That's as good as when my stepson ate the pink crayon. For a day or two, every diaper change was an adventure.

Back to school means the opposite happens in our house: without Blammo's much older brother and sister to bug, hassle, fight with, pester, show his naked butt to, and otherwise annoy, things become very peaceful. Plus, he's starting kindergarten this year, so from 9-11:30, I'm free. FREEEEEEE!!!!

Writing in summer is a virtual impossibility. So is housework, visits with friends and eye contact with the husband. Now that we're back to the old schedule, I feel like I've just been paroled.

I've been following a lot of the shitstorm over MGP, etc. Scary, but to be honest, I wouldn't have subbed to them anyway. I have always seen 3 or 4 presses as being really solid, and I was prepared to work extra hard to get in with them.

Good luck with your WIP, and congrats on the Torrid Tarot. (That tattoo is pretty cool.) I think that might be my next purchase.


BernardL said...

The cover is eye catching. I wish you well on the sales. Blocked just means you need to write something else, even an outline for future consideration. Yea, I know, easy for me to say. :)

writtenwyrdd said...

It probably isn't your writing but your perspective that's mushy. Write something else, eat more protein and avoid drinking to the point of hangover for a couple of days and you'll probably feel better about it.

Robyn said...

Great cover, but his expression looks like he's silently begging the photographer Can I please go to the bathroom now?

Please tell me you have seen Mrs. Giggles' Trisky Lion site. I had a Depends moment.

Anonymous said...

Yup, grape kool aid- green poo. I have to remind myself when my kids have had lots of koolaid because of that. Plus if they've been drinking nothing but red sometimes it turns reddish as well, but with that it has to be a lot.

Yeah, you see now what I meant when I emailed you about MGP going down. It's insane. Totally out of control. I'm catch between saying my peace and cutting my (non-existent) losses.

But it does sometimes feel like a bit of justice to look at a website and just see, like some vision, how someone is going to crash and burn.

Vicki said...

Great cover! And really great news about being able to enter the Rita.

Rebecca said...

"my WIP seems like total mush. The characters don't feel right. The story seems dull. I'm frantically checking and re-checking to make sure I haven't left any plot threads unchecked as we get ready to roll into the climax. It feels like I've been writing this book for years."

I always feel like this...even the beginning of a book. Sometimes I wonder why I torture myself.

December/Stacia said...

I've got at least two more years before the end of summer means I'm free, kis. Until then I still have Faery at home, and where Princess was easy, Faery is NOT. Right now she's trying to pull my arm around her while she sings Old MacDonald.

What always amazes me about these situations is how surprised everyone seems. I feel bad for all the MGP authors, but really, it's a startup business. Most of them fail, end of story.

8th Wand is rather different from Blood... Not as funny. Written from a very different place. But see what you think. I still like it. I think it's more straight=up romantic than anything else I've done, or probably will do as that stuff isn't my strong suit (although it works in the story.)

Thanks Bernard! Yeah, I am thinking. I had next week set aside to work on a couple of other projects but perhaps I should start them now.

Oh, thanks Written! Why don't I just give up everything good in life, lol. Seriously, that is good advice. I'm on a bit of a, ah, hormonal low this week too, which isn't helping.

December/Stacia said...

Oh yes, Robyn, I have seen Trisky Lion. Mrs. G is so, so awesome, there are no words for her awesomeness. And I'm not saying that to kiss ass on the off chance she stops by here again.

Hysterical. I liked the book titles the best. "We Are Three for Pleasure" makes me giggle almost as hard as the head-sized jar of pickles one of my hubby's workmates gave him, with "GURKENTOPF" printed in huge letters on the label. I don't know why that sturck me as funny, but it damn sure did.

Lunatics abound everywhere, Michele. All we can do is try to stay away from it as much as possible. Cut your losses, babe, and move on.

Thanks Vicki! Yep, I won't be able to enter until 2009, because the book doesn't come out until spring '08, but I'm still pleased. Juno puts out such great books--every one of them I've read I've loved--so it would be awesome to see them start getting some recognition.

Lol I do that too Rebecca! Why am I putting myself through this, sacrificing so much? Just so when it's done I'll have a book that's exactly what I want to read? Couldn't I just shop more?

Demon Hunter said...

Congrats, December! Great cover and good luck with the Rita award! :*)

Camille Alexa said...

Wait, you give links to green poo stories, but not industry mayhem?

December/Stacia said...

Thanks demon hunter!

Aaaw, Camille. Too many links!

The Smart Bitches Mardi Gras post is probably the best place to start, then head over to these posts on Karen's blog.

Last, let the awesome Mrs. Giggles bring it home, with her spoof epublisher, Trixy Lion.

Scary Monster said...

Yarrr! Me gonna run out right now and buy me a whole carton of purple Kool- aid. Then Me thinks me shall decorate the neighbors dog with the resulting effluvia.

Me can't comment on the sultry looking man on yer book cover. It would take away from the Machismo of the moment.

Is that a sword he be holding or is he wand glowing from all the excitement. Ya harrrr!