Friday, September 21, 2007

Manic Friday

Oh, what a busy busy morning.

Started off just fine. Then my dress for this year's Christmas party arrived (remember, the big fancy one my husband's work throw every year? I found a faboo dress ON SALE at Fairy Gothmother online. Wheeee! Shiny burgundy silk, the kind that looks black when the light hits it right, I am so, so jazzed. I am also on a serious diet again. I've lost almost three pounds in the last week and a half, so doing well.)

I figured I had just enough time to open the package, but of course once I SAW it, I couldn't resist running upstairs and trying it on--at least the top (it's a two piece.)

Then Princess lost a tooth, good ecause it's been loose for a while.

I was running a little late thanks to the couture oogling and the tooth-hole examining and the convincing Princess it wasn't exactly a good idea to take the tooth to school, because what if she lost it and so couldn't leave it for the tooth fairy, when she suddenly said, "We were supposed to take our little sisters to school for pictures today!"

It's school picture day.

And my children, although (thankfully) clean, look basically like they've just rolled out of bed--Princess's pigtails are uneven, Faerie's hair isn't brushed. I grab the brush and wipes for her little face and haul ass, we were supposed to be there fifteen minutes before!

Then I waited for half an hour to get the picture. (Her school does pictures of kids with their siblings before school, which is nice of them.) Of course, I didn't bring anything to clip Faerie's hair out of her face. Also of course, they while away the waiting time by running around like loons, so by the time out turn comes Faerie is sweaty.

Picture turns out okay. But it's 9:30, and we need to be at Faerie's new preschool at 10:30 for an hour-long "adjustent visit". And I have to take a shower.

Rush home. Call hubs to tell him what lazy and irresponsible parents we are, that we forgot school picture day. Shower. Can't resist trying on skirt for dress. Looovely. Dry hair.

Go to preschool, all goes great! Yay! And it's picture day there too, so Faerie gets hers taken. Photographer loves her, she won't stop posing. Like, head to one side, big smile, shoulder forward posing. It's hysterical. We finally get a straight forward shot, adorable, of course.

Come home. Try on dress again, this time with crinoline. Wheee! Dress does not need hemming with crinoline and heels! I can spend the money I saved on jewelry.

And that's been my morning. And I don't know what I'll make for dinner still.

As far as work goes...last night I decided to scrap my almost-half-finished Caveman story and do something else. I thought the heroine was adorable and the set up cute but it just wasn't working. BUT, I'm waaay excited about the new one, it's already at around 5k, and I expect to have it finished in plenty of time. So out of my 40k words in just over two weeks goal, I have completed, um...about 25k. Not bad. Of course 5k of that is useless, but still.

And the day is flying by. And that's it.

Oh, except, I'm putting together a FAQ for the Stacia Kane site. I know you guys don't like having to do this (judging by the tepid responses it gets) but if you want to ask a question for the site please do! Can't have a FAQ without 'em!


BernardL said...

Wow, after reading about your morning, going to the shop seems like a piece of cake. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

I feel like I need a nap now. I'm glad I had my son when I was younger. The energy expenditure is enormous.

kirsten imma saell said...

You are not alone!

I can't even tell you the number of picture days I've been in my kids' class, kneeling in front of a teeny little desk, filling out the photo package form and scrawling my visa number five minutes before they go in front of the photographer. Usually, they're wearing a dirty shirt.

And now I've got three kids in three different schools, and the idea of keeping track of it all makes me feel like someone just stuck my head in a blender and hit liquify.


December/Stacia said...

Lol Bernard! It was pretty manic for a while there, but it's calmed down now. :-)

Yes, Charles, it certainly is. I was 27 when Princess was born and 31 when Faerie came along, and I wish I'd done it younger.

Oh, thank you Kis! I always feel like the worst mother in the world, the only terrible irresponsible one who forgets homework and important days at school and all that other stuff! I'm so glad I'm not.

Robyn said...

I usually have the forms filled out, the clothing chosen and clean and pressed, and the IMPORTANCE OF NOT GETTING SCRAPES OR BRUISES properly drilled into their heads.

Then I oversleep and the whole thing goes to hell while my children smirk at me.

And is there anything better than a new dress that looks as good on you as it did in the store or catalog?

Gabriele C. said...

My niece just started school. Let's see how many picture days she's going to turn up with her hair in the wind - she must have inherited my genes there, all tangles and snarls and growls. :)

Rebecca said...

the dress sounds loverly! um, what is crinoline??

Anonymous said...

This is The Boy's first school year so we'll have to see how pictures go. The Man is the one to drop him off at school, so he'll likely be squeaky clean, perfectly dressed, and right on time.

Camille Alexa said...

Christmas dress-up already? Wow. That is so...prepared-y. Impressive. I bet editors love you with the deadlines.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and questions...what kind of questions are you looking for? Serious writing ones about creative process? or fun silly ones about favourite colours?

Serena Joy said...

I'm tired just reading about your morning. All's well that ends well, though. The dress -- there's a CRINOLINE?! I love those. I hope there will be a picture forthcoming.:)

December/Stacia said...

Lol, Robyn. Yep, I do that kind of thing too--like when I buy birthday cards and get them signed and addressed weeks in advance, then forget to actually mail them out.

Hee, Gabriele, that's where pigtails and hair clips are our friends.

Thanks Rebecca! A crinoline is a tulle skirt, worn to give a dress fullness.

Oh, those men and their having everything ready, Seeley! Damn them.

December/Stacia said...

I am generally good with deadlines, Camille, but this was coincidence. I went on the website to show the hubs what kind of dress I was thinking of and they were having this mondo sale, so we snatched up the dress while we could.

Any kinds of questions, Seeley! All I've come up with is "How many books in the Megan Chase series" and "Can I write fanfic?"

I love the crinoline, Serena! It makes me feel like a princess! And of course there will be pics! We're taking our camera to the party this year so we won't be stuck waiting for someone else to have pity and snap us. :-)

Anonymous said...

What made you want to write for YA?
What other series/books do you have planned?
How long does it take you to write each book? Is it different from book to book?
Tell us something about the character(s) that we won't learn in the books...
Is there anything about you that's similar to the character(s)?
What's your favourite part?
Do you have any pets?