Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Giving some writing tips today at the League of Reluctant Adults blog.


Sam said...

I thought it was excellent advice! Thanks!

Scary Monster said...

The basic problem that WB be having with their spate of bad returns on these "Comic Girl" movies is not only what you mentioned, the poor acting, terrible dialogue, half hearted direction, etc.
It is, Me believes, the original premise that the boys in the boardroom start out with;that these are Comic book characters.

They then create a film targeting teens with an overabundance of testosterone and males who lack the imagination to create their own fantasy in their minds, so they go to movies to see a pretty girl.The female moviegoer were never considered when making these movies.

These movies could have been really great and Me could say the same thing about almost all of the many flicks that have been made from comic book stories. If only the people who put these things together had only realized that Marvel and DC comics created real people within their pages; not just some tricked out humanoids with funky costumes and special powers.

Yowzer, STOMP!

December/Stacia said...

Very, very true, SM. They're ignoring huge protions of their market by focusing on one specific type of viewer. It's like they assume some people won't want to see the film, and just say "Eh."
Plus as you said, it's an ignorance of the source material and what makes it great to begin with.