Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oh, blah

I've been blah lately. Blah blah blah.

Actually that isn't quite true. I've been working. When I'm not working I'm blah.

The new project, which I hadn't intended to start the day after I finished The Demon Inside, just sort of...started itself, and now I'm just over 20k words in. Progress is slower than I'd like, but it's still progress, right? I also think I have come up with the perfect title: Unholy Ghosts. I Googled it and while it has been used, that was fifteen years ago. So I feel pretty safe. (I'll do a technorati search as well just to be sure.)

I'm pretty excited about it. I'm having fun. Most of the characters speak in this sort of street patois that I'm having a good time with. And I figured out a way to have the Red Baron make an appearance! So. Cool.

Also, you must read this. (Warning, mildly NSFW. There's no photos or anything, but the subject matter is Adult.) Hysterical. Tionna Lee Smalls is the best advice columnist ever. Save Miss Manners, because I adore Miss Manners.

I think kiddie TV is frying my brain. With Princess of for half-term it feels like even more kiddie stuff has been happening here than usual. Also, Faerie decided at 4 am this morning that she was awake and wanted to play. I convinced her to cuddle in bed for a while but she was too wriggly for me to get back to sleep. So I's tired. Which means I probably won't reach my word goal today, which is 2k. It's 2k every day. I'm averaging about half that, which sucks. Sigh.

AND, if you have a mo, trot on over to my cp/wp Anna J Evans a very happy birthday! Wheee!

How is your Wednesday?

(Oh, and btw, those who commented on Monday, I could NOT get the comments to come up yesterday for some reason, so I wasn't able to reply, so sorry.)


Demon Hunter said...

I feel blah today too. I'm going to start a new movie project Monday and I need to come up with names and character descriptions this week. I haven't written in weeks, which is my fault because I have the time. I've just been in a funk lately. Not writer's block because the ideas keep flowing---just plain laziness...

kirsten saell said...

Okay, I think I love that woman.

I die laughing when guys say that they went down on a woman even though she smelled. Like are you that desperate for sex?

I always love those guys who say they couldn't go down because it was just soooo rank, so they just settled for a quick f***. I mean, if you can't put your mouth on it, why on earth would you put arguably the most important appendage on your body in it?

1000 words a day ain't nothing to sneeze at, D. That's my usual average, although I edit as I go, so at the end of two or three months, I have something pretty close to finished. Unholy Ghosts is an awesome title. Catchy and ironic and all that.

4 am, huh? When Blammo does that, I just tell him to lie there in the dark and be bored quietly. But then, I'm a mean, mean mom. Everyone says so. Bwahaha.

My Wednesday is going to bite the big bone. I've run out of places to stow my clean laundry, so now I'm stuck actually folding it and putting it away. 1 1/2 weeks X 5 people = 1 huge buttload of clothes. Ugh.

Charles Gramlich said...

Sometimes all you can hope for is to make a little progress.

Angie said...

Oh, ROFL! OK, that woman is cool. :D

And I'm with Charles -- even some progress is better than none. And 1000 per day isn't bad. 365K words per year is three really good-sized novels, or four slimmer ones.


Anonymous said...

My Wednesday has been... distracting. I'm not complaining, but my review list is three novels strong at the moment and that's just what's assigned. That's not what I want to read. (Not that I don't want to read what I've been assigned because I volunteered for it after all.) And yet I haven't cracked a book at all today because:
1- My son is in an EXTREMELY good mood. He is not only doing fantastic at school he's also been taking swim classes at school. Much joy.
2- My daughter is jealous of this and has to be watched or else she tries to start trouble.
3- Some big personal life events coming up, which has spurred a lot of discussion between the hubby and I.
4- Two new projects popped into my head over the past two days and I've HAD to get the opening down so I didn't for get it.

Plus I've had friends calling out of the blue needing support, and our role playing group is starting a new game and in their excitement they aren't taking "I have other things to do and will get to being excited about this when it is closer to happening" as an answer.

But, I wish I could email you the amazingly positive vibes I'm feeling in the air. Sounds like you could use them.

December/Stacia said...

Oh, DH, I do know what you mean. I'm forcing myself to keep working because I have two other projects I need to get working on when it's done. No rush, but stuff I'd like to start before the end of the year at least.
Caffeine is our friend!

Oh, I totally love Tionna, kis. She does advice regularly over there--I believe she actually does it for Jezebel but Gawker runs her column too. If you click on the "Tionna" tab on the column her other ones will come up.
I tried to get Faerie back to sleep but she wasn't having it. She's still a little young and forceful for that, I think. Could also be because we baby her terribly.And I totally hear you on the laundry. Sounds like our house.

True, Charles. I don't consider the day a total loss if I've at least accomplished something, but I prefer to get in as much as possible. Sigh.

Isn't she awesome, Angie? :-) No, 1k a day isn't terrible, but I like to do 2. Even 1500 makes me happy. One just feels lazy to me, probably because on a good day I can do 2-3x that.

I wish you could, too, Michele! It's depressing here as always. Probably writing very dark characters in a hopeless urban battleground doesn't help much either. :-) But I'm glad you're having a good day, even without getting things done!

Sam said...

Blah superblah. I've got some sort of stomach bug and I'm sittinghere drinking tea and wishing I had more energy to finish painting the house. LOL
I have SO much to do...SO I'm blog hopping. Right?

Bernita said...

My Wednesday was blah.

Karen Erickson said...

I was blah yesterday - was SUPER blah last week. Today I feel better. I hope you start feeling better too!

And kiddie TV can drive me nuts. It's on right now. Kiddos got a weird week long vacation from school right now and sigh...I'm ready for them to go back. LOL

Tionna Smalls said...

Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate it...

Tionna Smalls

catie said...

Oh my gawd! Tionna is a riot.

December/Stacia said...

Oh dear, Samantha! I hope you feel better soon. No, painting when you're feeling ill is never a good idea. I once had to paint when I was coming down with a throat infection--the fumes did not help the sore, scratchy throat. It was bad.

Blah Wednesday, Bernita. Just like Blue Monday or Gloomy Sunday, I guess. :-)

Thanks, Karen! I actually am starting to feel a bit better now. Getting some work done and some sleep helped. Plus somebody pissed me off this morning which always gets my juices flowing. :-)

OMG! TIONNA visited my blog! Wheee! Thanks, Ms. Smalls!

Isn't she, Catie! And she actually visited my humble blog. Sigh.

ERiCA said...

Bwa, that article was hilarious! Thanks a lot for addicting me to another blog... =)

December/Stacia said...

Lol, Erica, I'm eeeevil...