Friday, November 16, 2007

New Release!

"As the Lady Wishes", the first of (so far) two EC novels my lovely cp/wp Anna J. Evans and I wrote together, is released!

Here's the blurb:

After escaping an abusive marriage, Lila Hayes never dreamed she'd fall into bed with a tall, dark and domineering man like Arthur. He's a stranger, he's cocky as hell, and…he seems to have emerged from the painting on her wall. From the second she feels his touch, Lila knows she's found the lover of her wildest fantasies.

Arthur of Sefyll is an ancient Druid, a man cursed for thousands of years to grant the wishes of those who summon him from his enchanted rest. He's had enough of serving mortal whims, until he spends a night satisfying Lila's every carnal fantasy and losing his heart in the process.

But soon, the new lovers' happiness is threatened by a monster from Lila's past and a horror from beyond the grave.

Now Arthur and Lila must convince sexy Sheriff Sam Walker to succumb to his desire for them both and help them form a mystical threesome. Wishes are no longer enough to keep Lila safe. Only the love of two special men can save her life — or maybe just as importantly, mend her heart.

Very exciting, especially as this book was actually my very first EC sale, and tons of fun to write.

Buy it here.

What else? The edits load is lightening a little bit--the first round is done on Personal Demons, and Megan is not a therapist anymore! She is now a Counselor, with a PhD in Counseling Psychology instead of the MA she had before. Lookie there.

Everything else, still editing. I've only managed a little over a thousand words on Unholy Ghosts (as you will see by the pitiful metrics), which is grr but hopefully by tonight I'll be able to get cracking again.

Princess woke up at 4 this morning sobbing because her ear hurt. Oh yes, the Ear Infection Fairy decided to pay a visit to our house last night. Poor little thing, I gave her some Calpol (baby aspirin, basically) and tucked her back into bed, only to learn around 7 that the ear hadn't stopped hurting and she hadn't gone back to sleep. I feel like the Worst Mother Alive, despite the fact that Wednesday night Faery woke up at 1 with a cough, and I stayed on the couch with her all night, propped up so she could lay on me in a more upright position (and woke up with a crick in my neck for my troubles). So Princess stayed home from school today and we went to the doctor and the bookstore, because little girls with ear infections get a new book. It's a law.

Tomorrow I will be posting an incredibly amusing interview with Caitlin Kittredge over at the League of Reluctant Adults blog, you should be sure to check it out.

And Monday we will be discussing writing and art here. Which sounds boring but will hopefully be fun.

Unholy Ghosts

New Words: 1,121 (in three days, thanks to being slammed with edits)
Total wordcount: 46,797
The Good: Oops, looks like somebody has a real heart!
The Bad: Still the bad, bad evil magic man.
The rampant drug use: Speed
Location: on the beach
Downspeech: None, really, but there is some idiosyncratic Puritanesque speech: “Thou saw things thou did not want to see again.”
I Hate My Work: Why can’t you write the next scene? Why are you so dull and unimaginative? You’ve done this whole thing all wrong, haven’t you, you idiot.


pacatrue said...

Congrats, DecStac. It looks like a lot of fun.

Gabriele C. said...

Two hot men are double naughty fun. :)

Poor Princess. Ear infections suck.

Robyn said...

Poor Princess! And I'm sure the "I'm sick so I get a new book" law works here too. At least I'll be claiming it as such.

And oh, do I remember the human recliner days.

You totally get a new book too.

Rachel Carrington said...

Congrats on the new release, December! Looks terrific!

Rachel Carrington

McKoala said...

I love your metrics, by the way. Look forward to them!

Here we have a rule stating that any sick kid with an actual prescription shall be taken to the DVD library and permitted to overrule all choices made by the healthy child.

Charles Gramlich said...

I haven't yet read any paranormal's but this sounds interesting. If a reader were to be planning to pick up one of your books, is there a particular book you would suggest starting with?

Scary Monster said...

Me be thinking that this been probably said before, but not by me, so here it goes. Me thinking you be pretty hot stuff! In a few short paragraphs; Me done gotten a very clear picture of yer life at the moment and how you are feeling within it.
Me can see the goings on of a mother and writer and you allow me to see what it means to wear both hats at the same time. You strip away the facade of glamour that many people have about writing and motherhood then expose it to us without making it seem like the work is tedious.

You Stomp!

Carolyn Jean said...

Oh, wow, this will make me re-evaluate what paintings I have on my wall. Mostly they are animals, in fact, except for the 16th centruy essayist Montaigne, who would be NO fun.

But your painting and your sheriff sound WAY fun, and I'm totally going to check it out.

December/Stacia said...

Thanks, Paca! I hope people will think it's fun; because it was written with a partner it's not quite my own voice, but I think it worked well and was certainly fun to write! (Gah, I should not attempt to be promolicious when I'm tired, I always sound like I'm trying to convince people it's not shit, and that's not the case at all!)

There is definite naughty fun in there, Gabriele, absolutely. *nods* And yes, ear infections suck.

I did grab a new book, Roby. Too bad I didn't like it. It's the second book I've tried by this author and I've come to the conclusion that she simply bores me. Oh well. I also bought "Misery" and am enjoying the heck out of it, so it all works out.

Hi Rachel! Thanks!

Thanks Mckoala! Like I said I was starting to think nbody was reading them, but I'm glad you're enjoying them! Let's just hope the book as a whole is good...I think it is but it's so hard to tell when it's your own, isn't it?

Yep, new book, special DVD choice, whatever. What fun is being sick if you can't be spoiled a little, right? :-)

Hmm. Well. If you wanted to read one of my erotic romances, Charles, I'd say start with Blood Will Tell. Honestly, of all my books currently available--all of which are erorom--that's still my favorite (I love the others too, of course.) Um, if the super graphic doesn't appeal, and you like medieval romance, Black Dragon comes out in February from Cerridwen Press, or in April there's Personal Demons, but yeah, of what's out there now that's my pick. :-) Thanks!

Aaaw, SM, you are so sweet. Does this mean you will still be around? I haven't had time to read any blog the last couple of days sicne I last commented on yours. Please stay!

December/Stacia said...

Lol Carolyn, I think we'd all love to have a painting like that one on the wall! We have some comic art prints on ours. Of course, if Batman wanted to materialize in my living room...let's just say I'd be a happy girl.

Camille Alexa said...


Karen Erickson said...

Congrats on the release with Anna! I'm sure it rocks - gotta add it to the list. ;)

Poor Princess. Ear infections are the worst, I remember having them myself. Hope she feels better.