Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Um. Um um um.

I am stuck.

I don't even have a blog post for the day, so let's do this again. You suggest a topic. Give me something to write about.

I do have a few little things to share though. Remember a while ago, when I blogged about chandeliers etc. made from human bones? Someone over on Livejournal payed a visit to an ossuary in the Czech Republic and posted some pictures. Amazing. Check them out here.

One of my favorite books from my teen years, Pamela Des Barres' I'm With the Band, was apparently reissued a couple of years ago, and I had no idea. The hubs and I went to Bristol yesterday and I found it at Forbidden Planet, so yay! Just as much fun as I remember it being, too.

Because I was away all day and struggling mightily with Unholy Ghosts (groan), I failed to respond to any comments on my last post. But really, what could I say? You're all geniuses, with all sorts of nifty info right at your fingertips. I am proud you bother to read my blog.

What else? Hubs and I rewatched season one of Monk while he was off work (Thurs-yesterday, today was his first day back) and really enjoyed ourselves. I am tired. We've had a couple of dr. appointments because of Princess' flat feet (inherited from the other side of the family, ahem, as everyone on MY side has aristocratically high arches) and they are giving her some prescription insoles to help strengthen the muscles in her ankles. It won't change her feet but it will hopefully help her ankles to stop wobbling.

And that's it. You see how dull I am. Sorry. Hopefully by Friday the floodgates will have reopened.


BernardL said...

"You see how dull I am."

LOL! Remember the old Chinese proverb, D.

"It's better to be a dog in a peaceful time than be a man in a chaotic period."

cyn said...

december, how flat are flat feet? i always thought i had flat feet. but your daughter's flat feet gives her wobbly ankles? poor girl.

Charles Gramlich said...

You enjoyed a different kind of teen reading than I did. I think my favorite from that time was something like "Wonderful flight to the mushroom planet," and it had nothing to do with drugs.

Demon Hunter said...

You do better than me. When I don't have anything to post, I just don't say anything and then I get complaints, but

Anonymous said...

Tom Robbins Another Roadside Attraction was a fave of was about drugs. In fact, almost all of his books are. Except Jitterbug Perfume. I can't find any illicit references in that one. Have you seen 'Perfume'? You'd love it!


Anonymous said...

Join the club. I work and work and have been kicking some butt, and then I sit down to write my blog and my mind blanks.

Scary Monster said...

Sometimes it be usefull to have a bit of dullness in yer life. It makes it easier to know when things get exciting.

Teen books: The Fabulous Furry Freak Bros.


kirsten saell said...

Have you managed to see Life yet? It stars this British stage actor who was in Band of Brothers--god knows why I can never remember the dude's name. He plays a cop framed for murder who did 12 years hard time and the only thing that got him through it was Zen Buddhism. Now he's been cleared, won a multimillion dollar settlement for malicious prosecution and got his job back, and all he does is obsessively eat fresh fruit, bang cute girls, say things like "You don't have to understand 'here' to be here," and demonstrate his own strange and sublime genius.

He's like Dr. House's good twin.

I can't really recall any YA fic I read as a teen. I made the transition from Encyclopedia Brown to Bertrice Small in the space of about six months.

Rebecca said...

and I can't think of an interesting comment. ;)

December/Stacia said...

Very true, Bernard. Sigh. Interesting times, indeed.

They're pretty flat, Cyn. When she stands straight her ankles roll inward a little. Hopefully the insoles will at least help her keept them straighter when she walks, because otherwise the tendons stretch and the balance is off.

Lol, Charles. This was late teen reading--I was seventeen when it came out. My early teen reading was much cleaner. Except "Mayflower Madam" bu Syndeny Biddle Barrows, which I loved.

Well, DH, I just try to keep something out there. :-)

December/Stacia said...

Oh, I was blocked everywhere, Michele--but I think I've got it now!! Yay me!

True, SM, but it's all dullness here, sadly. :-(

Haven't seen that one, Kirsten, but it sounds good! No, I didn't read a lot of YA either. I went through a phase round about 6/7th grade where I read a lot of YA romance, those Silhouette ones. But then I moved on. :-)

Uh-oh, Rebecca, I'm infecting you!

Bernita said...

Human bones have been used to make flutes.
Read somewhere there used to be a trade in human "ivory" ornaments.

Anonymous said...

Superfolks! That was my favorite teen book.

Rachel said...

I've found that one of the best places to find stuff to blog about is at Oh, and I can always get a laugh at I have a lot of those funny billboards up at my Bebo site. Of course, they're not for the faint of heart, but I don't think you're faint of heart, are you, December? LOL

Some days, you just have to hunt for something to talk about. I even talked about my refrigerator this week. EEEK! How exciting am I? Somebody stop me!

December/Stacia said...

Oooh, that'd be interesting to write about, wouldn't it, Bernita? Someone who makes those deals?

I don't think I read that one, Anonymous! What was it about?

Lol, no, not too faint of heart, me. Whooo, refidgerator talk! I think I actually blogged about my fridge a year or so ago, so how lame does that make me! :-)

Anonymous said...

Superfolks! is about a washed-up (or at least at the end of his prime) superhero and it is hilarious. -V95