Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I forget what I was going to call this one.

I am so forgetful, I swear I would forget my head if it wasn't attached. I'm also a little behind on emails, so if you've emailed me recently and haven't gotten a response, I'll get to it. If you don't get a reply by the end of the week please email again, because my gmail is acting up a bit and has been, actually, for a couple of weeks. (I love the way we say that. Like our emails are toddlers who get cranky and just sit and scream and refuse to tell us what they want.) Rumor has it we're in a Mercury retrograde. :-)

An email conversation with Mr. Fabulous, also known as Mark Henry, (hey Mark, did you know there's a professional wrestler with your name too?) has started me thinking. Would anyone be interested in my thoughts on writing sexy and/or interesting male characters, especially heroes Using examples from my own books)? I know I'm not usually a writing advice giver, and I know I've said before that I probably wouldn't give writing advice. But this is a little different, because it's basically just going to be about how I personally do it, how I create male characters I love, and not a "This is how you write sexy men" type of thing.

Anyway, if you would be interested, let me know, and I'll do a short series on it week after next or so. It's about time we do another post series around here, isn't it? Ooh, and I just realized, it would coincide with Burt Reynolds Day! (Remember Macho Week? Ah, good times.)

There's lots going on at the League, too! Come check our blog, where we're in the middle of our book club discussion of C.E. Murphy's Heart of Stone. C.E. herself is stopping by to chat with readers, so please come on over!

We're also lining up tons of fun for next month, including a plethora of guest bloggers. And possibly some special V-Day fun, too. Tell your friends!

I'm also going to have two fun guest bloggers here at my blog next month. Boys!! So get ready. No points for guessing who, it's really not that hard if you think about Men I Know Who Have Books Coming Out Next Month. And two more in March! Along with more teaser snippets from Personal Demons! I feel like a cheerleader on speed with all these exclamation points!!

Another review has come in for Demon's Triad, from Literary Nymphs (fun name, huh?). Reviewer Chocolate Nymph says:

"...December Quinn and Anna J. Evans created a phenomenal plot of intricate events, a sprinkle of humor and scorching sex scenes with enough variety to intrigue most readers. This story has a publisher's rating of Extreme, yes it is that and more, I enjoyed Demon's Triad immensely."

You can read the full review here.

And I have a release in February too, that I'm very pleased about because it's the re-release of The Black Dragon (which has now been retitled simply Black Dragon) February 21 from Cerridwen Press. It's already up on their Coming Soon page! With its lovely new cover, without some of the scenes I decided ran on too long, and with about 6-7k words of new stuff. The original release didn't do very well--although I have of course had reason to doubt that after we learned so many authors were lied to about the extent of their sales with that publisher, and after more people claimed to have bought it than I was actually paid for (which, oh well, I'm just glad people read it)--but I'm hoping it will in its new home, even though it's still not an erotic romance. It was certainly a different book for me, although my basic themes--alienation, self-hatred, personal responsibility, that stuff--are all there. Anyway, I'm happy about it.

And I guess that's it. The hubs is off for the next six days, so we're looking forward to having some lazing-around time.


Dayna_Hart said...

oooh that book is on my TBB list! I hadn't bought any Lunas before, and binged just before Christmas.

I need blurby bits for Black Dragon I think :)Must go hunting.

Anonymous said...

Aaahhhhh, every (ex)football captain's dream -a cheerleader on speed.

I'm glad to hear Black Dragon is getting another (re)lease on life. -V95

BernardL said...

Writing insights are always appreciated. :)

Sarai said...

I would love to know how you come up with your sexy male characters. All advice wanted and needed!

December/Stacia said...

Oh, suuure Dayna. Spend all your money on stuff Some Other Chicks wrote. (lol)

I do need to post a blurb. Is one up on my website? I can't remember.

Yeah, V95, me too. It sucks that most of the review sites have already reviewed it in its previous form and so won't again. But I'm just happy to have it out there, really.

Cool, Bernard, thanks. I think we'll have some fun, and I'll definitely want you mens' input about how accurate some of my thoughts are.

Hi there Sarai! Thank, and thanks for the comment! Oooh, I'm getting excited about this now!

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm sort of an advice glutton so, yes, I'd like to see your take on such issues. Any talk about writing fires me up.

Bernita said...

I'm so glad about Black Dragon.
Such a delicious hero.

Gabriele C. said...

Hi, just wanted to say I'm back online after that evil virus computer crash.

December/Stacia said...

Me too, Charles! :-) Looking forward to your input!

Thanks, Bernita. He has stuck with me, that's for sure. :-)

Hey Gabriele! Glad you're back! I was getting worried.

Bernita said...

And I'm all for sexy males. So please!

Camille Alexa said...

Another good review! You must wear those things like charms on a heavy bracelet.