Monday, April 14, 2008

Edits edits everywhere!

So, I had quite a little weekend! Mr. Agent Man is in town for the London Book Fair (okay, that's not MY town, but it's the same country, which is nice) so I hopped on a train yesterday and went up there to meet him for a drink. Which was pretty cool. We talked about edits for Unholy Ghosts--and, thanks to the bff, I have had a total brainstorm on those and I can't wait to get working--and career stuff, and book stuff, and lots of fun good things. It was very odd, though, to be sitting drinking bourbon with a man who kept talking about how much he loves working with creative people, and realizing he meant me.

Speaking of which, I got a really cool review for Day of the Dead. Or rather, it was a decent review--the reviewer had some minor (justified, I think, DOH!) story issues--but check this out:

"This was worth it for the author’s prose. She really does know her way around her words."

Seriously, that's the kind of review that makes silly little writers like me tear up. You can read the whole thing here.

Also, in reviews, Urban Fantasy Land has posted its review here:

"Personal Demons is fast-paced, well-written and downright scary in places. The action doesn’t let up, although it does slow down at times so you can catch your breath and the love scenes between Greyson and Megan are hot enough to steam up your glasses."

And there's an interview with me, and a contest you can enter all week, here.

I received word this morning from a UK reader that their copy of Personal Demons has shipped. I'm not sure about US Amazon or bookstores yet, though. And, in case anyone was wondering, I will be extending the release month contest to the end of May.

I'm also trying to think of something fun to do this weekend, while almost everyone I know is off at the Romantic Times convention. Who's going to be around? What should we do to amuse ourselves?


Seeley deBorn said...

I'll be right here with you...I've got a bottle of Di Sarono. For a woman who drinks bourbon, I'm sure that's a bit girly, but hey, I like my froufrou bevvies. I've been eyeing a bottle of rose liqueur in the liquor store. Imagine, getting drunk on roses!!

Why is this turninginto a boozefest?


I'd been playing a game with a friend...200 words at a time we were writing a silly erotic that centered around an actual historical character...a minor one who was tied (um, pun) to Shakespeare (who is rumoured to have fathered said character's child).

kirsten saell said...

I'll be here, too. I never get to go anywhere!

Pretty sure I'll be drinking, as well, Seeley, lol. I'll try to resist the lure of the beer at least until after 11 a.m., hehe.

I loved DotD, too--and I'm usually ambivalent to vamps, so that says something right there. The sex in it, very effective... *ahem*

You got to have a drink with your agent--how cool is that? No agent would come within a hundred miles of where I live--unless he wanted to fish at that resort where Denny Crane and Alan Shore stayed on that episode of Boston Legal. Oh, and David E Kelly and Michelle Pfeiffer own a crap-load of land just outside of town...

I guess maybe people do find their way up here...

I need a drink. Damn, it's only 10:15.

Charles Gramlich said...

I got a note saying Personal demons was ready to ship but not necessarily that it had shipped. I'm thinking they probably mean much of the same thing.

Michele Lee said...

You're still invited to chat with us lowly fans at my web page :D And I have to ask, didja read my blog today? Because I hath squeeeed.

Anonymous said...

Bourbon, di sorento, beer -one (or two) each please. :~)>

Cool stuff, December. Man, to have someone call my writing prose, I can't imagine. LOL -V95

BernardL said...

Very detailed review, complete with table, you can sure tell she read Personal Demons. As Charles stated, I received the note from Amazon about intent to ship. Your agent meeting must have been exciting.

December/Stacia said...

Lol Seeley, yeah, amaretto's a bit sweet for me. :-) But you have fun!
Hmm...I wonder what you could mix the rose-flavored liquor with...I bet it would be delicious with chocolate, in a cake, say?

See, kis, you have people near you! Caroline Quentin apparently lives just outside my town (she's a British tv star, was on Jonathan Creek and Men Behaving Badly) but I've never seen her.

Probably, Charles. I have word now that yes, British cpies are shipping and Chapters copies are at least in stock if not shipping, but Amazon US, I have no clue.

I did, Michele! I'm sorry, I meant to squeeeee too! Yay! And I totally want to come do the chat, did I not get back to you on that?

Oh, come now V, of course your writing is prose.

Yeah, it was good, wasn't it Bernard? The meeting was good too. Just getting to know each other better. :-)

Demon Hunter said...

Congratulations on your reviews! :*)

I'll definitely be here. No romance convention for this horror :*)

Devon Ellington said...

Yippee on both the drink and the wonderful praise!