Friday, May 09, 2008

Chat with me today!

I'm over at Chris Eldin's blog today until 9 PM EDT! The whole shebang starts shortly, but I will only be there sporadically until about 11 am EDT, as I have the kids to pick up from school etc. etc.

I'm editing, editing, editing, working on Unholy Ghosts. Fun, but tiring. I love editing just a little more than I hate it--I love tinkering and making things stronger, but I hate the fear that I'm leaving some sort of weird plot hole, or that what I'm adding isn't as good as the other stuff, or whatever. It's kind of like getting dressed up to go out. You have beautiful earrings on, but is the necklace that goes with it too much or just right?

I was going to do a longer post today but as I will be devoting most of my day to chatting, I'm going to keep it brief. So head on over there if you like and say hi! I'm giving away a book and everything!


laughingwolf said...

it was fun, all week :)

Demon Hunter said...

Okay, I was gone since Thursday and missed all the cool stuff. Darnit. :*(