Friday, June 06, 2008


Yes, this post is late. And yes, it's rather a sorry excuse for a post, as posts go.

But it is kind of important. In a way. Or something. Hey, you know what? Go read some other blog if you don't like it. (Of COURSE I am kidding, because it makes me very sad when I think y'all are cheating on me with other bloggers.)

Anyway. Because it is quite warm out again today, and because I am a bit stressed about a few things, and because I went out for a drink last night with some other Moms from Princess's school and was roundly ignored--yes, me ignored!--all night, and because I am gearing up to start my Summer Series in the next few weeks (still figuring on doing agents, unless anyone has any other suggestions)... I am opening up to questions.

I'm still a little lonely from last night and want some attention, lol. No, seriously, I thought this might be fun. Maybe we can get some people to delurk? That might be fun, although Friday isn't a great day for that as my hit count falls on Fridays as it is.

Anyway. I dirgess, as I am so fond of doing. So here we go.

Ask me anything. Comment anonymously if you like. Whatever. Questions about me, questions about my work, but especially any questions about agents or any suggestions you have for a topic you'd like to see me blather on about for 6-8 Fridays throughout this summer. I don't think I can stretch the agent series as far as the publishing series went, but I'm also hoping to get one or two agenty types in here to interview. (If I do I'll open up for questions for them separately, of course.)

So it's your thread today. And while I'm under no illusions that we'll have one of those Nathan-Bransfordesque open threads, where like a million people comment in the first two minutes, I'm hoping that by Monday afternoon I'll at least be in double digits. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, why is it that whenever someone WANTS to be asked questions, I draw a blank?

Let's see --

For you and your process -- do you have any anecdotes about something that happened in your life that was a spark of inspiration in your work (and not necessarily even a major plotline, just something that you decided to add in) and found it morphing from the actual situation?

For you again -- do you ever find any of your characters are unruly as far as not doing what you originally envisioned? When do you go with the flow of the characters and when do you reign them in?

I'm trying to think of agent questions. I guess what I'm most interested in is are any agents out there still interested in an overall body of work, or is everyone only "branding" now? I'd love to find an agent who's interested in several of the different genres in which I write, but it seems to be such an age of specialization right now, and I don't want a half a dozen agents, the way I use a half a dozen names -- I want one agent who thoroughly believes in the different aspects of my work.

Anonymous said...

" . . . still figuring on doing agents . . ."

Agent V95 at your service. :~)>

Seriously, though. Do you start a book with the ending in mind already? Or, do you just have a vague idea of how it will end? Or, maybe, does it take on a life of its own and surprise you with its own ending? -V95

Charles Gramlich said...

You've probably answered this before but I haven't been reading your blog forever. I know, I know. But I was off world. yeah, I was mining in the asteroid belt and my internet wouldn't load. Yeah. that's it.

Uhm, the questions.

Do you write every day? and if so, what time of day roughly?

December/Stacia said...

Okay, Devon, I'll answer if you promise to answer the same questions on your blog. :-> (You don't have to. But I'd be interested.)

Hmm. You know, I'm not sure? I honestly can't think of any but I also keep thinking there was a situation like that at some point. I know I've used jokes the hubs and I have made, but I can't think of any real situation. I'll keep thinking.

And yes, I definitely have found that. I created a character with the specific intent to kill it in Unholy Ghosts but couldn't bring myself to do it--the character simply grew and grew. They do that a lot, actually, take stuff over. I usually just go with it, though.

Lol V95!
I always have an ending. I may not know much about the rest of it but there's always a situation and an ending. Then I see where it goes from there. The ending that ends up in the book isn't always exactly what I had in mind but it's usually close. :-)

Same deal for you, Charles, I want you to answer too!
I try to write every day. I don't always succeed. And I usually write in the morning or at night, but with two kids and a husband I really do have to fit it in wherever I can. The words flow best at night or in the late morning, though. Afternoons I'm too distracted and lazy.

BernardL said...

The agent series still sounds good. Will your new agent be handling all your works now?

laughingwolf said...

i have one: do you ask your characters what THEY would do, if you get stuck in the writing, or dictate to them your solution, once found?

kirsten saell said...

Yeah, I second Bernard. Will your agent rep anything you write now (at least in the UF genre, and assuming he thinks it's up to snuff)? Is it likely after repping Unholy Ghosts and the sequel(s)that he would ever say of a different UF project, "Gee, this is good, but it isn't right for me."? Or would he consider your track record with him, and take on even a project he wasn't orgasmic over, because he believes in you as an author?

In other words, is your agent search essentially over?

Jennifer said...

Questions, questions...
I was wondering if you were writing a sequel to your Demon book for Juno?

Bernita said...

Rude bitches.
Anyway, how many agents did you query at a time?
(since I'm about to embarque on that lonely road.)

December/Stacia said...

Yep, Bernard, he will. Well, everything except the EC stuff, which will only be under-novel-length works from now on.

Laughingwolf, it depends. A little of both, really. I usually try to think of what logically is the next thing to do, and then have them do it. Occasionally they fight me and insist on doing something else, though, and in that case I try it their way. :-) Whichever works out best wins.

You know, kis, I'm not sure? I assume he would rep anything--well, he would, because we have a signed contract that says that. But I'd hope he would love the different project too and that he would work with me on edits (like he has with UG) to make it as strong as it could possibly be. So yeah, my agent search is essentially over. How weird is that, lol?

Hi Jennifer! The second Demons book should be out in January 09, and we're tentatively planning a third for August/September of that year. Thanks!

Oooh, Bernita. You know it really sort of depended? I started out querying agents who were referrals--I had two of those. So I sent those out and then I got antsy and sent a differently worded query to a few more who I didn't think would be interested but wanted to take a shot anyway (I was right, they weren't.)

At that point I'd sent maybe 6. So I waited a week or so and sent a couple more, then a couple more, then I queried Chris on that Monday. So I didn't really do like a blanket "Send them out see what comes back" sort of thing. I also right from the beginning queried a combination of agents I really wanted, agents I thought were good, and agents who were lower on my list for whatever reason. I did get a couple of rejections--one on the full, one on the partial--from agents I absolutely adored, but most of my requests came in the couple of weeks around me querying Chris and I hadn't gotten responses yet when I signed with him.

Email me if you want specifics, I'm happy to share. :-)

Seeley deBorn said...

Like Deveon said, "Any questions?" usually gets a blank. Especially in job interviews. I've started telling people, "No, but I'm sure as soon as I walk out of the room I'll think of something."

So, having read this on Friday, I'm back with questions on Saturday.

You said before that your agreement with you agent requires you to offer him all novel length work. Are you going to stick to novels now? If you do write novellas or shorts, are you going to look for print anthologies, or will you keep with epubs for them?

Do you forsee a day when agents sell electronic rights only? I know, the point of an agent is to get in with brick houses, but the question is more to the change in the market, than the sale of individual books.

There. How's that?

Robyn said...

Umm,, I got one,! Oh yeah!

I know you are against the continued career of Madonna, but how do you feel about Britney Spears?

I'm kidding. In keeping with Seeley's Q above, can you recommend some good sites for novellas and shorts?

Amie Stuart said...

Why did those horrid mommies ignore you?? Shame on them!

laughingwolf said...

lol... you're right

i just let them do it their way, since it is their story to begin with ;)

December/Stacia said...

Lol, Seeley, true. As soon as I get back in the car to leave I'll think of a question. :-)

I honestly don't know what's in store as far as what I will and won't write, but I'm not much for novellas and shorts as it is. The short format just doesn't do much for me. But we'll see, right?
And no, I don't think that will happen. The importance of print books may lessen over time but it will never go away completely.

You know, Robyn, I feel sorry for Britney. The poor child can't help that she's trash. And she's been used disgracefully for years by people who should be there for her. I'd like to see her clean herself up.
Do you mean epublishing sites for novellas and shorts, or...?

I don't know Amie. They just did. I guess I'm not one of the cool crowd. *sigh* I'm fine now, really.

And don't they know it, Laughingwolf! Big jerks! heheh.

laughingwolf said...

indeed they do ;) lol

cindy said...

maybe you've talked about this before, but i want to know how you came about marrying an englishman.

can you still hear his accent? i can barely hear my hub's and he's the only one with an accent here!

Gabriele C. said...

Since the 'cool crowd' is usually a boring bunch of Stepford wives, be glad you don't belong. :)

December/Stacia said...

He's a dual citizen, Cyn. :-) So we met in FL; we worked together. And no, I couldn't really, but since we've come here he's lost it anyway and sounds completely American, lol.

*nods* Yep, Gabriele, that's kind of what I'm thinking. ;-)