Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Okay, some kind of cool stuff.

First, I finished the WIP Monday night. Which is nice. It's long (97k) and the first half needs to be ripped the shreds, but overall...well, overall it's okay. But there are a few scenes and stuff in it that I'm extremely pleased with. So that's a start.

And speaking of my work, this is really cool. Personal Demons is a July subfeature on the B& Paranormal Book Club discussion forum! So go register and stuff and talk about my book! I'm trying to decide if I should go register and stuff or if that would be a weird, egotistical stalkery thing to do and would just make everyone uncomfortable.

Also, have you guys seen the new James Bond trailer? (You have to scroll down just a tad.) Hell yeah!

And. I have decided something. Since y'all were so helpful suggesting interview questions for me to ask myself, I'm going to answer all of them here. Well, I already answered the ones on livejournal, in the comments. But the ones on Blogger I haven't. So I'll do one or two today and the rest on Friday.

I did make a decision on that. Mark Henry suggested I ask myself something uncomfortable, something that really probes into the heart of my creativity. While I think my level of creativity is debatable I decided I kind of liked the idea of really challenging myself, so that's what I did. You'll have to wait for the interview to see what it was.

So. First there was Bernita (one of the most awesome and wonderful people I've ever met), who asked, "Would you sign our publishing contract for six figures?"

Yes. Yes, I would. Assuming that's six figures to be paid to me, and not the other way around. Also that a good portion of those figures come before the decimal point, and it's not, like, $1.32674 or something. Will you sign this publishing contract for pi? Um...

Then Anna J. Evans asked if I "believe in reincarnation, and what do I think I was in a past life?"

Hmm. I really don't know. I guess I do believe in it, yeah. And there have been a few times where I've wondered about my past lives. I remember having a few very clear memories when I was younger about a Victorian house. But I've never had any real, strong impressions of anything like that. Oh, once I fell totally in love with this guy at first sight, and someone told me he'd been my husband in a past life but was killed in battle and I never married again in that life. Which was interesting.

And Laughingwolf asked "Does parenting affect how, and what, you write about?"

Absolutely. First there's the practical aspect. It affects me because I can't just sit and write 24 hours a day the way I'd like to; I have these kids to take care of. And while I can and do write with them in the room, writing the erotic scenes around them is difficult.
As to what...again, yeah. My aversion to stories where children die stems pretty directly from being a parent. The idea just doesn't appeal to me; it sounds cheesy but I don't want to put that kind of energy out into the world. There is a certain minimum age for me, beyond which I just can't bring myself to kill characters and I strongly dislike reading it in other people's books. There are exceptions when it comes to reading, sure, but writing...I just don't think so.

More on Friday, and thanks so much again to everyone who suggested questions for me!


Seeley deBorn said...

Well, I suppose it would depend on what kind of pi(e)...

Apple, maybe. Strawberry, no. Banana cream, sure.

I'm still not a fan of Craig as Bond. I don't think I'll be jumping up and down excited about a Bond movie until they recast.

Robyn said...

Congrats! I'm so glad you're enjoying your well-deserved success.

Charles Gramlich said...

I'd probably have to register at that site.

laughingwolf said...

firstly, dee: grats on that forum exposure, so neat to have happen

and thx for answering my query so passionately

keep doing it all, your way!

Whirlochre said...

I've tried on the blue skimpy beachwear and even honed my upper lip musculature into a boxerish half-pout, but despite mainlining on bison pheromones for nine months solid, I guess I'll have to leave it to Daniel Craig to persuade any alien passers-by that the human race reeks of raw sex.

December/Stacia said...

Lol, Seeley. I only like cream or custardy pies. But, y'know, I feel I already worked for pie several years ago. My royalties for those first short stories would just about cover a few good pies.

Thanks, Robyn! I'm not really sure "success" is the word for it, but...

Oh, that would be awesome, Charles! I registered yesterday and I'm trying to get up the nerve now to go post something.

Thanks Laughingwolf! I'm pretty excited about it. And you're welcome, it was a really interesting question. :-)

Oh, Whirlochre, don't be so hard on yourself. I'm sure you're a seething pile of manheat.

cindy said...

wow, you are a writing fiend! congrats to you! regarding bond, the link you gave died but i looked it up on youtube. WooOOooOO! you can go to leicester square and get daniel craig's autograph, yes?

that'll def be a date night for us. =D

pacatrue said...

Congrats on WIP!

laughingwolf said...

ordered 'personal demons', delivery: 2 - 5 weeks! :(