Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Calling all MEN!!!

So...this won't come as a surprise to any regular readers, but I think facial hair on men is pretty sexy. Remember Macho Week? I particularly like muttonchops. And big, droopy mustaches. No, seriously.

So the hubs--who is an on-again, off-again facial hair guy, which is just peachy with me--has been trying for some time to interest the guys he works with in growing mustaches together, or doing some fun facial hair thing.

And he forwarded this to me this morning, and I got all excited.


It's a month-long mustache-growing event, for men's health charities, and I think it's AWESOME. Seriously, there's breast cancer and cervical cancer and uterine cancer awareness EVERYWHERE, but very little attention is paid to specific men-only cancers like prostate or testicular cancer.

Movember is an international event; each country has its own charity sponsors (they're listed on each country's page there.)

So guys...here's your chance! Grow that Fu Manchu or droopy handlebar! Grow those muttonchops! Grow the "Santa" or the "Anton LaVey"! It's fun! It's awesome! It's for charity!

Go sign up at the Movember website, seriously. Get your offices involved, or your manfriends.

And please, send me pictures. I'll post them on the blog if you want--that could be fun, huh? And I'll give something away. We'll do, say, a Movember contes, and we'll put up pics of your facial hair, and vote or I'll pick a winner, and the winner gets an ARC or my entire ebook collection or something spiffy like that. What do you say?

Are you macho enough, my beloved manfriends?


Charles Gramlich said...

I've never tried growing true muttonchops. I'll have to give it some thought.

December/Stacia said...

You totally should, Charles. Remember, it's only for a month! :-)

Lol I thought of you before I posted this, cause you're already pretty macho. Heh.

Demon Hunter said...

My fiance refuses to cut his moustache. I hate facial hair. His looks like Wyatt Earps...lol. It's gone before the wedding---oh yes...

Seeley deBorn said...

I am so sending The Man here.

The Man said...

I pride myself on my facial hair. I actually was called a vagina face by one of my readers and I was happy to see it. I would love to send you some pictures to hype the lost art of the facial hair.

It's nice to see someone promoting men's health. Prostate cancer rates blow breast cancer rates out of the water, but you don't see people walking to cure it.

December/Stacia said...

See, DH, I think the Earp is HOT. I love it. Although I admit it's a little weird to kiss guys with facial hair. Much as I love the way hubs looks when he's bearded up, it's more fun to kiss him without it.
Aw, tell him to shave it; he can always grow it back. It takes, what, a couple of weeks to grow a nice 'stache?

Lol, Man, I actually thought of you and your very appealing facial hair when I posted this. :-) Send the pics! Seeley has my email (although I feel awful for not responding to her last few.)

It is a shame, isn't it, the way men's health is ignored? My FIL had prostate cancer ten years or so ago, and it was shocking how little info was available and how little was known about it in general. And yeah, there's no Prostate or Testicular Cancer ribbon or cookie, no big benefit galas to raise awareness.

Well, my husband's work is probably going to participate in this, but the League men won't, sadly. They apparently aren't manly enough to grow good facial hair. Sad, really. :-)

writtenwyrdd said...

I'm surprised by how many men won't go get physicals because they don't want to hear bad news. A friend injured himself a year ago, toughed it out for a few weeks and finally went to the doc about an injured shoulder. The smart doc said While you're here let's draw some blood because you haven't had a physical in over eight years and you are mid-50s. So he did and a SIMPLE BLOOD TEST diagnosed the early stages of prostate cancer! It was so early that after the prostate surgery and there's almost no chance it will come back.

A simple blood test versus the security of not knowing, not asking, because it's far easier to insist to yourself it couldn't happen to me.

And I like facial hair, but also none. Depends on the guy. My ex? Not a good look. Most guys though look good in 'staches. And I don't find it wierd to kiss men with facial hair, either.

Robyn said...

My hubby finally got to grow his beard back- some of it, at least. He's sporting a goatee, and I LOVE IT!

And thanks for the shout-out for men's health. My dad was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, and he's deciding on treatment.

laughingwolf said...

lol... my 20+ -yr-old kids had never seen me without full beard/mustache, so imagine the shock when i shaved it all off... but the 'stache! ;)

BernardL said...

I used to take the kids camping, and when I was in my middle forties a spider bite on my chin caused me to let my beard grow until it healed. I kept it trimmed, but my teenagers said their friends thought I looked like the French actor Jean Reno. My kids told me their friends were already afraid of me, but now their parents were afraid too. I helped out at my daughter’s softball practices, and boy did I get the looks. These people knew me, and they were looking at me like I was a serial killer. I had to explain the spider bite to a multitude of old customers at the shop too. I’ll have to plead out on this one, D, for my business health. :)

December/Stacia said...

Oh, Written, I'm dealing with that EXACT situation with the hubs right now! "What if it's bad news?" Well, it won't be, and if it is, the earlier we know the better. (He has a mole, which hasn't changed in years, but every once in a while he gets a bee in his bonnet about it. Which I totally understand, as I do that stuff too, it's just funny.)

And yep, my FIL had prostate cancer, and that's when we found out that if they catch it early enough it's basically as treatable as cervical cancer, which is like 100%. But while there's always a big push for women to get their Paps (and it's a bandwagon I leap all over, as I had cervical dysplasia ten years ago) efforts to get men to get their parts examined seem so lackadaisical. At best.

Robyn, I wish your father the best; see my above comment. My FIL had radiation--I think it was six weeks of it--he had very little physical discomfort and has been clean ever since. Email me if you have any questions.

Hee, Laughingwolf! Last time ubs shaved his beard etc., Faery grinned and said, "Now I can see your cheeks!"

Lol, Bernard. You are excused, absolutely. :-) Although I find Jean Reno quite attractive, I will say.

laughingwolf said...

took only two weeks to have it long enough again for them to forget i'd hacked it off ;)