Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh and incidentally...

(Head over to my lj to read how my daughter's school screwed me this morning, if you're interested.)

I saw this headline this morning and, of course (as an always-a-St.-Louisan-in-my-heart), immediately clicked on the story:

HIV scare puts MO school in uncertain territory. And much to my chagrin, saw that's it's Normandy high school.

I didn't go to Normandy (I lived in West County), but I knew Normandy. Everyone knew Normandy. I was particularly drawn by this line in the story: A competing school's football team initially balked at playing Normandy's 8-0 team.

Um...hell yeah, they balked. But the HIV thing? An excuse. Nobody wanted to play Normandy, because they knew they'd get their asses handed to them (see that 8-0 record?) Normandy consistently ranked in the top echelon of Varsity football teams nationwide; and their marching band is fucking legendery (among band geeks, at least, lol.)

You know how the stands usually empty at half-time? At Normandy they filled up, so everyone could watch their marching band tear that fucking field up. They were AWESOME. Amazing to watch, especially their legendary drum line, which at the time was coached by an awesome guy whose name I believe was Terry, and who stepped in to help out my own high school's drum line at one point, because he was kickass.

I was in my marching band for two years (color guard; groan, I know.) And Normandy was the band to beat. We went to competitions knowing we had no chance of beating Normandy, but just thrilled that we would get the chance to watch Normandy. (We usually came in second, if memory serves; our band director was one of the biggest assholes who ever walked the earth--I loathed him with a passion, he was a total cocksucker--but he was a damn good band director, and is I believe directing a college band now.)

So this is really, really sad. I have nothing but fond memories of Normandy and the awe in which they were held by other schools across the midwest. This sort of story would be a tragedy anyway, but I'm really saddened by this, and hope everything turns out okay.


BernardL said...

I remember dealing with my kids' schools like Patrick Swayze in 'Road House': be nice until it's time not to be nice. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

That's so unfortunate. I hope things get cleared up.

Robyn said...

That's really sad. I remember my college days- at a school that was only there for the music program- University of North Texas. I think Mean Joe Green went there once; our only claim to football fame.

Our drum corps was phenomenal, and the band could have ruled the world. It was sad for the ball team, though. Everyone left after the halftime show was over!

laughingwolf said...

dumbass school bitch! grrrrr

glad you were able to straighten it out, and got the surprise for the girls, too :)

writtenwyrdd said...

Sounds like they have to act as if there's a real infection possibility, but it could also be a hoax!

The thing that gets me is people deciding to leave the area based on a possible infection as hard to catch as HIV. Sounds like some folks aren't engaging their brains at all.

Nevertheless, I do feel sorry for all concerned. The ridiculous stigma of HIV/Aids will haunt everyone from the town for years. And it's wrong and sad and stupid.