Monday, February 02, 2009

Yes! The new League! Yes! I am busy!

Yes, yes, those rumors you've been hearing? Totally true.

The NEW League of Reluctant Adults is here!

There's a TON of us now, seriously. A whole bunch. Go check it out. AND, there are FORUMS! Which I'm really happy about, because I love forums. Seriously. A lot of you know I spend a lot of time--waaaay more than I should--hanging around on Absolute Write. Because I just think forums are fun and nifty and all that stuff.

I even have my own subforum on the new Reluctant Forums; each of us has one, in fact.

This means I now have:

*a website (still under construction; there is a site up but it's horrible
*two blogs
*MySpace (grumble grumble. I hate MySpace. I will probably delete the MySpace page eventually; I never do anything with it.)
*Yahoo group

So is there anything *else* I'm supposed to have? Sigh.

So, remember the other day when I mentioned how January just sucked? Yeah. So far, February is TOTALLY KICKING ITS ASS ALL OVER THE PLACE. I've written over 10k words in the last two days. I have a new project that I'm falling-all-over-myself excited about. Seriously. The kind of shivery, gleeful excitement I felt when I started working on Unholy Ghosts. I started the thing yesterday; finished the third chapter tosay and wrote up a little synopsis/proposal, so we'll see what Mr. Agent Man thinks of it. I can only hope he likes it as much as me.

Also listed under "Ass-kicking" so far is the third Downside book. Oh yes. We crossed 30k; I have one little scene to twitch through and then all hell breaks loose, including getting to write a few scenes I've been anticipating with glee since I thought of them while writing the first book over a year ago(! I can't believe it's been that long! I finished the book in December 07, though, so...yeah, that long.) So, *very* excited there.

And of course I'll be back on Thursday to do Part 2 of our Novel in Three Acts. Part 2 is my favorite part, frankly; or rather, it's my favorite part to explain. So I'm looking forward to that. Last week I cross-posted the first part over at Fangs Fur &Fey, the livejournal group for published UF writers, and it got such a great response that I'm going to post the whole thing there as it goes up here. So if you're interested in getting in on that discussion, head on over and check it out!

It's kind of intimidating posting at Fangs Fur Fey. I've been a member there for over a year as well; a little over a year and a half, in fact, if memory serves. But there are so many members, some with multiple series and awards and all that Big Pro Writer stuff, that it's very difficult to think of myself as anyone who belongs there in any real way. I'm trying to get more involved there, as a way to give back and to try and boost my confidence level, so... We'll see how I do. :-)

...and I guess that's it. I thought I had something more to discuss but frankly my head is all over the place at the moment. That blasted miserable shiteating Mercury Retrograde has finally ended and I literally feel like I can breathe again (despite the cold. Or maybe because of it? Perhaps it's not Mercury redirecting, but Sudafed, that is to thank for my sudden sense of lightness. Hmm.) Hence the sudden big spurt of work and happiness and all of that. I'm sure part of it is that I was having a bit of tension with someone I consider a friend and we've resolved that, which is nice, and part of it is excitement over the upcoming scenes and the Shiny! New! Project! All I know is, for the first time in a while I feel pretty good, and I want to keep it that way.

How about you? Are you feeling better now that Mercury is behaving itself again?


Charles Gramlich said...

Is that kind of like the "league of extraordinary gentlemen?"

BernardL said...

All good news. That phrase 'and this too shall pass' really does cover the human condition pretty well. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad it's better for you!

The man that invented the word "cyclone" was misunderstood, he really meant "cycle one". -V95

December/Stacia said...

Lol, Charles, yes it is, but with less classic literature. :-)

Thanks Bernard and V95! :-)

laughingwolf said...

way to go, dee...

been a sad week for me....