Monday, April 06, 2009

Recommend A Book


As I type there's a very nice man packing up all our DVDs, and of course the Faerie is insisting on helping him hold the boxes shut and tape them up. :-)

So. A few weeks ago I posted about sameness in urban fantasy, and mentioned that I was considering opening up the blog periodically to book recommendations. The response was fairly enthusiastic, so here you go.

Recommend a book. One you loved. One you think other people might love. Any author, any type of story. Talk to each other about books; what you like, what you look for, what you don't.

I won't be here to keep an eye on things, so...I'm sure I don't have to tell you guys to be nice and polite.

I'm also sure I don't have to tell you that this thread is for READERS to make recommendations. If you're a writer, you're also a reader. Recommend somebody else's book if you like.

I'm also sure I don't have to tell you that my regular readersknow each other, and know who they are. And that through their other internet wanderings they know other readers, and who they are. Quite frankly, if you're a self-published author leaping in to do drive-by promo, you're wasting your time. Seriously. Please don't do that.

Okay, all. Have fun; I hope you do, and I hope you find something new and useful, and I hope you all participate.

I'll try and pop in when I can. Hugs to you all!

***Late breaking addition!!! Demon's Triad, the superdirty erotic paranormal novel Anna J. Evans and I wrote together, is now in print!! We'll be signing this book at the Romantic Times convention; here's your chance to get a copy ahead of time! Be aware, though; the warning on the listing is ACCURATE. This is a very dark book, and may not be everyone's cup of tea; m/m content, f/f content, sexual violence, non-gratuitous incest and rape...Seriously, guys. I think it's an awesome book but it is intense.***


catie said...

Oh Lawd, I can tell this is gonna be a dangerous thread. All I need are more books to tack onto my wishlist. Getting on with it then, how's about I start with just five? (Otherwise I'll be here forever and we just don't have that much time).

Hookay, so top five so far from 2009. Sound good? Gütt. (Aw geez, even this is gonna be hard to narrow down cuz I'm already up to seventy or so. Oh well...) In no particular order:

1. THE LACE READER - Brunonia Barry
4. SAY GOODBYE - Lisa Gardner
5. Three way tie for the YA spot: THE CITY OF GLASS - Cassandra Clare; NEED - Carrie Jones; and THE SUMMONING - Kelley Armstrong

writtenwyrdd said...

"Sunshine," "Deerskin" and "Blue Sword" by Robin McKinley

Anything by Patricia Briggs, but especially the Mercy Thompson series.

"God Stalk" by P.C. Hodgell. Brilliant and very unique fantasy world.

"Witches of Karres" by James H. Schmitz. Fantastic Space Opera from the early days of sf. Sequel out recently is also very good: "Wizard of Karres"

Michelle Sagara's Elantra Chronicles.

Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels books (#3 just released this week.)

I am sure there are many more, but these are the ones that come to mind at the moment.

Firecat said...

I love urban fantasy! My top picks would be:

1. Jack the Giant-Killer by Charles de Lint (and it's sequel Drink Down the Moon; also Yarrow and Greenmantle)
2. Family Tree by Sherri S. Tepper
3. The Woodwife by Terri Windling
4. Tam Lin by Pamela Dean
5. War For the Oaks by Emma Bull
6. Knight of Ghosts & Shadows by Mercedes Lackey (the whole Bedlam's Bard series and the Serrated Edge Series)

Charles Gramlich said...

My main recommendation for folks would be a nonfiction work by Peter Matthiessen called "The Snow Leopard." This book had a profound impact on my writing, and my reading.

Anonymous said...

Superfolks by Robert Mayer

Wow! has probably been used to describe this book more than any other. -V95

Devon Ellington said...

Gosh, so hard to pick!

I recommend anything by Terry Pratchett. I think he does the best social satire of anyone.

I love Yasmine Galenorn's work, especially her Sisters of the Moon series.

I'm reading THE YELLOW ROOM CONSPIRACY by Peter Dickinson, and it's one of the most well-written, fascinating books I've read in a long time.

I love POSSESSION by AS Byatt. I re-read it regularly.

Donna Leon's mysteries set in Venice are good (but always make me hungry).

Claire Tomalin's biography of Samuel Pepys is one of the best books I've ever read.

Devon Ellington said...

Oh, and another book I just LOVE -- MYSTIC AND RIDER by Sharon Shinn. I like all four of the books with those characters, but the first is my favorite.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Long forgotten things but worth finding and reading:

Mary Roberts Reinhart: Circular Stair Case.

... also her Nurse Pinkerton stories and The Case of Jenny Brice.

Dorothy Evelyn Smith: Brief Flower. (Lovely, slightly disturbing story.)

John Buchan: Thirty-nine Steps.

P. G. Wodehouse: The Jeeves and Lord Emsworth stories. Read them all.

If you write or just read fantasy, you will want to read ALL of the Oz books.

Dunsany: The King of Elfland's Daughter.

Israel Clair Smith, a forgotten 19th Century historian ... Read him for his writing ability. Read him for fun ...

Francis Parkman ... forget the Oregon Trail ... Read any of the volumes on the French in America. OOO Boy. Lovely.

and ... Pixie Warrior ... by that really nice, cute short person with the pretty daughters ... umm ME. Drollerie Press ....

Is that a shameless plug or what?