Thursday, April 27, 2006


Two pics of Knebworth House. The first is the front, better known as Wayne Manor from the first Batman movie. The second is the back of the house.

And I hope I don't look too bad in the pic. I really do photograph terribly. Which is why I almost never post pics of myself, or like them to be taken. (And btw...yes, in the far left of the top photo those are my girls. Faery is invisible in the stroller but you can just make out Princess.)

Still sniffly but recovering. Having written the first draft of a synopsis for the vamps, I have of course had the ego crash, and now think it's the worst, most boring pile of trite garbage I've ever read.


Monday, April 24, 2006


I am still so sick...uuuuhhhhh...I have a horrible cold and it's settling in my chest so my lungs make noises when I try to breathe...

I'll be on the Whiskey Creek Press Torrid Readers Yahoo Group today. plugging my Spring Fling story and the follow-up, posting excerpts, etc. Hopefully I will be coherent. I'd post a link to the group but I don't remember how. Or something. If you go to the WCP Torrid homepage, which I do have a link to over there -----> it will help you get to the group.

Friday, April 21, 2006


Just sold my erotic romance fantasy (known to readers here as "the elves") to Whiskey Creek Press-Torrid!

It's the story of Cynwrig, Lleandda's brother from my Spring Flings story (also with WCP-Torrid), and I'm quite excited!

Let's hope the third time is also lucky...fingers so crossed it's not even funny...

I'll do some excerpts on my website and let everyone know when they're up. (Note-they're up, under "Contemporary".)

Monday, April 17, 2006

Really Back Now

Ah. We had guests all weekend, so I haven't been updating or commenting much. But now I have returned.

Don't actually have much to say, but at least I am here. The vamps are over 57k and I'm just getting ready to write the final scenes. Then some editing, and another project is complete. Always a good feeling. I confess I'll be very sad to see the end of this one. I do love my vampire hero. He's so cool, and these two are a blast to write.

And slowly but surely my next project is taking shape in my head...very exciting!

When we were at my MIL's we went to Knebworth House. My first touristy thing since we've moved here (of course I've done touristy things on visits.) It was okay. The day we were there was cold and rainy, of course, sandwiched between beautiful sunny almost warm days. We got some decent photos, which I'll post if I have a chance, and took some short movies of hubby chasing me through the hedge maze, Shining-style. Which are pretty funny.

And that's my update for now.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Finally get to update, and announce a new SALE!

Triskelion publishing, an RWA-recognized publisher, has just offered me a contract for The Black Dragon, my historical romance! (It's a straight romance, not an erotic one, although of course it does have a couple of hot sex scenes.)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Away from home

I'll be gone for a few days-until Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on how insane my MIL drives us while we're there. We're on up to Hertfordshire to spend a couple of days with her, so she can watch the kiddies and we can do something that does not involve Cheerios, cartoon characters or jungle gyms. We thought about going to London but probably won't because my Mom will be here in about three weeks and we'll be going with her anyway.

So. Off we go, so if I'm not commenting anywhere or updating here you know why.

Oh, and keep your fingers crossed for me. I now have three projects out there (two fulls!) under the noses of editors. Let's hope for good news!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

hee hee

You know what's fun about writing contemporaries?

Having to do a Word search for the phrase "Jedi Mind Trick" to make sure you haven't used it twice.

Just crossed 46k!

Monday, April 03, 2006


My book, Torrid Teasers Volume One, is currently the #6 bestseller for Whiskey Creek Press-Torrid!


Spring Flings released!

The Spring Flings anthology, featuring ME, plus the fabulous Anna J Evans, plus the fabulous ladies from Indulge Authors, was released Saturday, in ebook and rpint, from Whiskey Creek Press-Torrid!

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