Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The big Head?

My Mom is insisting on reading my book, despite my pleas to her not to. She says she wants to brag to her workmates and show it to them. I keep trying to explain to her that, much as I appreciate it, maybe she doesn't want to share her daughter's repeated use of the word "cock" with her fellow nurses.

And speaking of cock, how do we all feel about blow jobs? More specifically, how do we enjoy reading about them? Do you? Or do you think that if you wanted to hear about blow jobs you would go to bed with your man?

In other words, is it sexy, or is it dull? We might do it, and enjoy it, but do we enjoy reading about it in what is, after all, our fantasy?

A good cunnilingus scene is hot, but is a blow job scene just something that makes us think of the guy who used to shove our heads into his lap, a la the guy Charlotte dates on Sex and the City?

Inquiring minds...

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