Friday, January 06, 2006

Good and Bad

The couches were delivered yesterday! Yay! We finally have something to sit on. And it only took 6 weeks since the day we moved in here. So that's good.

I burned dinner last night though. That was bad. But then Stephen went out for fish and chips, which was good. So I'm not entirely sure where my karma is with yesterday.

Got some more work done today! Yes! The Faery fell asleep on the way home from dropping Princess off at school, and stayed asleep until we picked her up. So that was several lovely hours of free time. Unfortunately, the batteries on my Alphasmart were too low for me to work for longer than 40 minutes. See the good/bad pattern at work here?

Tomorrow we go to buy a car, which is good. But the money my Mom transferred to us hasn't cleared, so that's bad.

I'm now watching Buffy. Buffy is definitely good.

What's good and bad in your life today?

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