Friday, January 20, 2006

Giving In

I was not going to get an iPod.

I was not going to get an iPod because I'm not an iPod person. I mean, those ads with the hipsters listening to whatever generic rock they're listening to, cool braids flying, green-lensed sunglasses reflecting neon...just not me.

But hubby wanted one. Because, you know, boys love technology. So I got him one for Christmas, a black Nano.

And it's so cool. It's all little and slim and sexy. And I started thinking about the music I listen to in my head when I write, and that I could actually listen to it through my ears-the way people actually listen to things, I mean-when working if I had one of those nifty buggers.

So now I'm just trying to get up the courage to spend that money for no reason other than that I think it would be fun to organize songs by book.

And apparently there are lots of writers who do this, despite my thinking, based on an old RWR article, that they all made collages. Because the article talked about how great it was to do so, and how it really got those creative juices flowing. Personally, I'm a failure at collages. I'm collage-impaired. Mine are always lame. I'd hate to do one for a book-I'd lose enthusiasm for the book before I even started, after seeing my dumb mishmash of eyes cut out of magazines. "Geez....that looks like a lousy book," I'd think.

Maybe I should try it, anyway.

Maybe this is all just another way to procrastinate when I should be actually working.


Annalee Blysse said...

I like my iPod. It's new. I have a FM transmitter that I can plug it into and listen to it on my car radio. Very nice way to listen to music on long drives.

December Quinn said...

Is it one of the video ones, or a regular one? I'd like to get a Nano like I got for the hubby, but he has a black one and that's the one I'd want. And the mini holds too few songs, I think.

Anonymous said...

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